Baby Led Weaning – Week One Done

This past week has been an adventure.  Oscar has tried sweet potato, mango, and pear!  I’m trying not to go too fast and overload is body with different foods.  We want to make sure he doesn’t have any food allergies since he’s had eczema since birth :(

I thought Oscar loved mango, but he was really into the pear!  It’s so cute to see him wrap his little hands around it and push the pear into his mouth.  I’ve really got to get my ass into gear and buy this kid a high chair!  He’s been eating in his tie chair or sitting in his Bumbo to eat.  At least the Bumbo is easy to clean, but the tie chair I have to throw in the laundry every time!

I’ve been putting off the high chair because I refuse to pay so much for a new one.  I’m looking to get a used Peg Perego in good condition – preferably red!



A little birdie going for his worm!

Covered in pear, yet happily playing with his suckie.  He never just sucks on it, it’s more like a toy to him than a pacifier.  He never took to it since we gave it to him for the first time around 3 months.  Whatever makes him happy!

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