The Baby Safe Feeder

It seems like Oscar is growing up so fast!  He’s just over 5 months old but he eats like he’s much older.  I swear he knows how to chew already.  He makes the cutest eating noises – definitely loves his food!  This morning when I was giving him mango, he threw a fit when I had to re-load his little eating device.  It’s this mesh baby safe feeder that allows baby to hold onto it while he eats.  Mango is pretty slippery!

The downside of using the feeder is that it doesn’t allow the baby to get the fiber from the food in most cases, and it sort of robs them of the full eating experience.  When munchkin gets a highchair he’ll be able to eat without the assistance, but in the Bumbo it definitely helps!

mesh baby feeder

Mmmm Mango!

mesh baby feeder

Next stop: the kitchen sink for a bath!