Introducing Solids!

I’ve been reading a lot lately about introducing solid foods to infants.  While the consensus is to introduce foods after 6 months to decrease allergies, there are those who say to introduce them when the child is ready.  At almost 5 months old, Oscar has practically been climbing over us to get to our plates, so we decided to give it a try tonight with organic sweet potato!  Honestly, this has been the easiest dinner yet.  We should have tied him to a chair earlier!

The best part of eating a healthy diet is that you don’t have to make separate foods for your child.  They can eat the foods you eat!  And there’s no need to puree the mixture, simply mashing with a fork does the job!

introducing solids

Oscar discovered his feet yesterday, so they’re distracting him.

Why did you tie me to a chair, Mommy?

baby's first foods

First bite!

I want to do it myself.


What issss that?

Get it out!

Introducing solids this first time didn’t go so well. Most of the sweet potato ended up on his chin, on his knees, and on the towel we placed under him.  I doubt he even ate a tsp of sweet potato!  So I finished it :)

I guess when you drink sugary breast milk all day, every day, sweet potato would be pretty gross in comparison!  We’re going to give it a few more days to make sure he tolerates the sweet potato allergy-wise, and then the next item on his menu will be pears!

We’re still discussing whether to give him meat early or not.  We’d rather give him meat than some iron-fortified, constipating (not to mention disgusting!) cereal.  I’m all for it but Yuri is hesitant.  Though, I’ve read a ton of information on introducing solids to infants and Yuri has not, so we’ll see!

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