If you have found me, it means that you are already on the path. You desire love, happiness, confidence, and success, but you don’t know quite how to grasp it. That’s ok. Wherever you are right now is where you are meant to be.

I’m on a mission to help people just like you to revolutionize your life in a way that gives you everything you’ve ever wanted. I want you to step into your power and take control your happiness. You can make the decision right now to take your power back and commit to doing the inner work necessary to bring you all of the happiness, love, confidence, and success that you desire.

I am so blessed to know that my life’s purposes are to coach and to write. If my words help to soothe you in any way at all, I am doing my job. I absolutely love being a life coach. I love empowering men and women to live their best lives. It’s so exciting to see the people I coach grow their wings and be powerful all on their own. It’s so beautiful to be a part of your transformations and to see you fly! I can feel energy shift in every single call I have with each of my clients.

Doing the inner work will create a safe place for you to show up authentically in the world. When you stand in your truth, you give those around you the chance to be their true selves as well. When you follow your intuition, you create space for amazingly awesome synchronistic events to happen, bringing you more joy and happiness than you ever thought possible.

My mission is to help you take your power back just like I did.  I want you to break out of that shell you have been hiding in and really live your life. I want you to run right through your fear blocks and live a life full of purpose and passion.

No matter how bad things currently are, you have the power within you to live your best life. All you need to move forward is the willingness to look within and the courage to change what is not presently working for your highest good.

I know these 3 things to be true: 

  1. When you speak your truth, you will be happier than ever before.
  2. You are worthy of great love, and you always have been. You don’t need to earn it. It is yours.
  3. You are a powerful co-creator, more powerful than you can even imagine.

Are you ready? I want to help you connect to your true self and follow your purpose. I want to help you set goals and smash through them.  I want to help you live the life you desire, not the one you’ve settled for. Follow your intuition, live from your heart, and give yourself permission to to be happy.

You are worth it. 

Are you ready to Be happy?

Set up a 30-minutE CLARITY CALL ($147) today.

In this session we will shine some light on your beliefs, fears, and the patterns that are holding you back from being your authentic self. You will learn action steps that you can implement immediately to start living the life of your dreams.

6 Month Happiness Revolution Mentoring

The purpose of mentoring is to bring you into alignment with your soul’s purpose, to clear away the fears that are creating the gap between the present you and that which you really are; who your soul longs to be – completely and blissfully happy! There is always something better; you just have to align with it.

We will find the source of your fears and uproot old beliefs and limiting thoughts that are holding you back. We will clear the fear blocks that you’ve placed around yourself and create an action plan so that you may operate from a place of loving confidence and inner power.

As you step into your power and spend more time there, you will give others around you the opportunity to step into their power as well, bringing truth and transformation to your relationships.

I will hold the space for you to be your authentic self, guiding you to stay true to your spirit as you take the necessary leaps to transform your life. It takes courage, vulnerability, and a burning desire to live a life full of purpose and passion. Once you have the recipe for success and the right coach to cheer you along, everything falls into place!

To book a 30-minute clarity call, simply email me at amy (@) to take the first step!

This program is for you if…

  • You are tired of feeling stuck, and finally ready to do something about it.
  • You are tired of being held back by your fears.
  • You know that you will fall back into old habits without accountability.
  • The only thing that matters to you is that you are truly, deeply happy.
  • You are ready to transform your life and never want to go back.

In this mentoring package, you will receive:

  • Three 30 minute coaching calls per month
  • Unlimited email support between calls to address any questions and challenges, as well as celebrate successes and synchronicities!
  • My one of a kind intuition and guidance.
  • Homework tailored to assist you in breaking through hurdles and fear blocks. Just kidding, there is no homework – it’s a 24/7 lifestyle!
  • A life changing shift that will transform your life!

Loving reviews

“Amy brings forth clarity and wisdom in her mentorship.  She is able to sift through the ego, masks, and drama in your life and see the core issues.  Loving kindness is at the heart of her soul and she is able to articulate guidance to assist you to move forward with love and grace.  Be prepared to truly benefit from this mentorship relationship.”

– Dr. Brenda M. Leite, Port Perry, Canada.

“Amy has been a great support for me during this time of transition to life with a newborn.  She understands my needs and keeps things simple yet life changing. She has not only helped me reach personal life goals but has helped my whole family!  Her support has helped me improve in all aspects of my life and I am so grateful for her help!”

– Jenny Richerd, Nice, France.

It is amazing that something as simple as a bracelet can make a difference in a person’s life. Just like Meeting Amy she has made a difference in my life for the better. She is great life coach and a gifted psychic too! Amazing person with amazing gifts!

– Nancy Comello, Franklin Park, Illinois.


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