Oscar Goes Camping in the Kitchen

I have been on a mission lately to find a travel bed for Oscar, both for spending time outside and for traveling.  I was going to go pick up some massive contraption from kijiji.ca until I stumbled across this PeaPod tent in Toronto!  This tent is bad ass.  It has a tiny air mattress and UV protection.  It folds up so small and with the release of a strap it flies open like something straight out of a Harry Potter novel.  It happens so fast that it’s actually scary.

It took awhile to be able to put Oscar in it without him crying, but like anything else he generally likes it if he’s fed and just had a nap!  He was kind enough to play with his Sophie blanket and Giraffe while I did the dishes and cleaned up the sink for his bath!

peapod tent

Watching Mommy do the dishes.

Being a good little munchkin!

Oscar is a hard kid to please at nap time and bed time.  He just doesn’t want to go to sleep.  He won’t even fall asleep in your arms when he’s exhausted.  We’re going to be traveling a lot so he has to get used to sleeping in it.  My plan is to toss him in his tent every single day so that he gets used to it ASAP!