Oscar Discovers His Feet

Oscar discovered his feet a couple of days ago, and his new found love of them makes diaper changes challenging!  This kid is strong, and if he wants his feet in his mouth, he’s going to have his feet in his mouth!  I love seeing him reach each new developmental level.

It’s amazing how life changes so dramatically each time they discover something new.  There is no more plopping Oscar on his play mat and running downstairs to grab the laundry.  If I did, he’d roll himself over and slam his little head on our wood floor.  It amazing how fast babies can move before they learn to crawl – and it’s always when you’re not looking!  No more leaving him on the change table while I run to wet a washcloth.  No more leaving him on the couch or the bed.  I’m going to have to start zipping him up in his tent!

Ah, so much easier to reach these things without a diaper!

Om nom nom

Apparently feet taste good because Oscar is a happy camper after sucking on a few toes!

Finally diapered in my new favourite: a GroVia hybrid cloth diaper in icy blue.  It’s not too tight around his chunky thighs and I can make the waist nice and snug on his thin torso!  Dear flying pee, you will not escape this contraption!

I am still on the prowl for the perfect night diaper.  Ever since Oscar started rolling over, his pee has gotten quite sneaky and likes to find the holes created by munchkin’s new favourite sleeping positions, his side and his tummy.  Right now he wears an organic cotton inner with a diaper cover, but since he can feel wet in it he wakes up at the crack of dawn!  I am not a fan.