Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

Yuri reading a business book to Oscar last night. I love seeing my boys together like this!

I tried so hard to get Oscar to smile…

I picked the onesie up in Toronto last week.  As soon as I saw it I knew it belonged to Oscar!  I’m so lucky to have such super cute boys in my life :)

Guess all he wanted was out of that chair!

Oscar reading soon to be eating his own book.

The Baby Safe Feeder

It seems like Oscar is growing up so fast!  He’s just over 5 months old but he eats like he’s much older.  I swear he knows how to chew already.  He makes the cutest eating noises – definitely loves his food!  This morning when I was giving him mango, he threw a fit when I had to re-load his little eating device.  It’s this mesh baby safe feeder that allows baby to hold onto it while he eats.  Mango is pretty slippery!

The downside of using the feeder is that it doesn’t allow the baby to get the fiber from the food in most cases, and it sort of robs them of the full eating experience.  When munchkin gets a highchair he’ll be able to eat without the assistance, but in the Bumbo it definitely helps!

mesh baby feeder

Mmmm Mango!

mesh baby feeder

Next stop: the kitchen sink for a bath!

Breaking in the Quinny

We’re planning a trip to London, UK next month, so I’m trying to make sure we have everything we need!  Our latest purchase was this Quinny Zapp stroller.  It’s 13 lbs and comes with its own mini carrying case!  The best part is that our car seat is the only one compatible with it!  It’s a much better travel option than our City Select which is bigger and more awkward than carrying a hockey bag onto the plane.

Air Canada won’t allow the City Select, but they’ll let us carry on the Quinny!  Just the thought of traveling with an infant makes me shudder at all the extra stuff we’re going to have to lug around.  There’s the stroller, the diaper bag, and an entire suitcase just for Oscar packed with tons of clothes, and yes, tons of cloth diapers!

I’m unsure.

Oh wait, I like it.

I’m too little, Mommy.

This is more like it.

Busy om nom nomming Sophie.

Looks like Yuri is ready for the fairy…er, the boat.

Our cute little town of Port Perry.

Baby Led Weaning – Week One Done

This past week has been an adventure.  Oscar has tried sweet potato, mango, and pear!  I’m trying not to go too fast and overload is body with different foods.  We want to make sure he doesn’t have any food allergies since he’s had eczema since birth :(

I thought Oscar loved mango, but he was really into the pear!  It’s so cute to see him wrap his little hands around it and push the pear into his mouth.  I’ve really got to get my ass into gear and buy this kid a high chair!  He’s been eating in his tie chair or sitting in his Bumbo to eat.  At least the Bumbo is easy to clean, but the tie chair I have to throw in the laundry every time!

I’ve been putting off the high chair because I refuse to pay so much for a new one.  I’m looking to get a used Peg Perego in good condition – preferably red!



A little birdie going for his worm!

Covered in pear, yet happily playing with his suckie.  He never just sucks on it, it’s more like a toy to him than a pacifier.  He never took to it since we gave it to him for the first time around 3 months.  Whatever makes him happy!

Introducing Solids!

I’ve been reading a lot lately about introducing solid foods to infants.  While the consensus is to introduce foods after 6 months to decrease allergies, there are those who say to introduce them when the child is ready.  At almost 5 months old, Oscar has practically been climbing over us to get to our plates, so we decided to give it a try tonight with organic sweet potato!  Honestly, this has been the easiest dinner yet.  We should have tied him to a chair earlier!

The best part of eating a healthy diet is that you don’t have to make separate foods for your child.  They can eat the foods you eat!  And there’s no need to puree the mixture, simply mashing with a fork does the job!

introducing solids

Oscar discovered his feet yesterday, so they’re distracting him.

Why did you tie me to a chair, Mommy?

baby's first foods

First bite!

I want to do it myself.


What issss that?

Get it out!

Introducing solids this first time didn’t go so well. Most of the sweet potato ended up on his chin, on his knees, and on the towel we placed under him.  I doubt he even ate a tsp of sweet potato!  So I finished it :)

I guess when you drink sugary breast milk all day, every day, sweet potato would be pretty gross in comparison!  We’re going to give it a few more days to make sure he tolerates the sweet potato allergy-wise, and then the next item on his menu will be pears!

We’re still discussing whether to give him meat early or not.  We’d rather give him meat than some iron-fortified, constipating (not to mention disgusting!) cereal.  I’m all for it but Yuri is hesitant.  Though, I’ve read a ton of information on introducing solids to infants and Yuri has not, so we’ll see!

Oscar Discovers His Feet

Oscar discovered his feet a couple of days ago, and his new found love of them makes diaper changes challenging!  This kid is strong, and if he wants his feet in his mouth, he’s going to have his feet in his mouth!  I love seeing him reach each new developmental level.

It’s amazing how life changes so dramatically each time they discover something new.  There is no more plopping Oscar on his play mat and running downstairs to grab the laundry.  If I did, he’d roll himself over and slam his little head on our wood floor.  It amazing how fast babies can move before they learn to crawl – and it’s always when you’re not looking!  No more leaving him on the change table while I run to wet a washcloth.  No more leaving him on the couch or the bed.  I’m going to have to start zipping him up in his tent!

Ah, so much easier to reach these things without a diaper!

Om nom nom

Apparently feet taste good because Oscar is a happy camper after sucking on a few toes!

Finally diapered in my new favourite: a GroVia hybrid cloth diaper in icy blue.  It’s not too tight around his chunky thighs and I can make the waist nice and snug on his thin torso!  Dear flying pee, you will not escape this contraption!

I am still on the prowl for the perfect night diaper.  Ever since Oscar started rolling over, his pee has gotten quite sneaky and likes to find the holes created by munchkin’s new favourite sleeping positions, his side and his tummy.  Right now he wears an organic cotton inner with a diaper cover, but since he can feel wet in it he wakes up at the crack of dawn!  I am not a fan.

Oscar Goes Camping in the Kitchen

I have been on a mission lately to find a travel bed for Oscar, both for spending time outside and for traveling.  I was going to go pick up some massive contraption from kijiji.ca until I stumbled across this PeaPod tent in Toronto!  This tent is bad ass.  It has a tiny air mattress and UV protection.  It folds up so small and with the release of a strap it flies open like something straight out of a Harry Potter novel.  It happens so fast that it’s actually scary.

It took awhile to be able to put Oscar in it without him crying, but like anything else he generally likes it if he’s fed and just had a nap!  He was kind enough to play with his Sophie blanket and Giraffe while I did the dishes and cleaned up the sink for his bath!

peapod tent

Watching Mommy do the dishes.

Being a good little munchkin!

Oscar is a hard kid to please at nap time and bed time.  He just doesn’t want to go to sleep.  He won’t even fall asleep in your arms when he’s exhausted.  We’re going to be traveling a lot so he has to get used to sleeping in it.  My plan is to toss him in his tent every single day so that he gets used to it ASAP!