Spirulina: Why I Eat It Every Day.


The question I get asked most often when I tell people that I eat raw, vegan food is: Where do you get your protein?  The simplest answer: spirulina.  “Spir-what?” They ask.  So rather than explain myself over and over again, I thought I’d just write about it and refer people to this website.Spirulina is an amazing superfood.

I guess you could say that spirulina is my preferred source of protein, although that isn’t my main objective in eating it.  To be honest, I am a firm believer that all foods in nature have the perfect amout of fats, carbohydrates, and protein, so I never strive to get any single macro-nutrient.  I just eat a wide variety of foods and listen to my body.  Society, on the other hand, seems to be obsessed with the protein question, and if you’re one who is protein obsessed, this may be your reason to include spirulina in your diet!

Spirulina is a complete protein, which means that is contains all of the essential amino acids.  It’s also rich in EFAs: GLA, ALA, LA, EPA, DHA, and AA.  If you don’t understand what those mean, don’t sweat it.  Just think Omega 3s!

Spirulina is also loaded with vitamins and minerals – just look at its colour.  Anything THAT green is golden for the body.  Everyone could use more greens in their diet, that’s for sure.  What I can say for certain is that spirulina gives me loads of energy every time I eat it.  And at the moment, my favourite way to eat spirulina is in a smoothie loaded with local, fresh berries!


3 thoughts on “Spirulina: Why I Eat It Every Day.

  1. Amy Coates says:

    Hey Rockstarkp, I just found your comment in the spam filter!!

    I’ve only seen the spirulina pie in RAWvolution…other than that I haven’t seen any recipes for it! I usually just throw some powder into my morning smoothies.

    If you have a favourite way of eating it I’d love to hear about it!


  2. rockstarkp says:

    well, i have 2 ways right now that seem to work.
    One is with the juicer: 4 carrots, 2 celery, 1 apple, 1 tsp spirulina.

    Other is blender: 1 banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 avocado, 3 tbls cacao, 2 tsp spirulina, 8 drops stevia.

    ah, good, good food.

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