Ignorance is not Bliss

I had a little bit of a challenge tonight. I opened up the pantry door and a jar of Nutella called me on…but I won the mental battle. I just thought about what Nutella had done for me lately. It gave me a stomach ache the last time we had crepes, and it gave me a killer sugar buzz that left me in a coma. No thank you Nutella. I don’t like you anymore!

I started thinking about how addicted we are to the foods we eat. Heavily processed foods with loads of sugar and salt and chemicals we can’t even pronounce!  I remember when I thought milk did the body good – now milk isn’t allowed in the house.  I remember when I used to drink 4 diet cokes a day….or more! I haven’t had a diet coke in 2 years. Once you learn that aspartame causes brain tumors, you don’t feel like quenching your thirst with a can of nail-dissolving formaldehyde!

I got into a conversation with a guy a few months ago who stated proudly that he would continue to drink aspartame until they found evidence it harms humans…I was absolutely speechless.  There are hundreds of studies, and thousands of people that have nerve damage, migraines, vision problems, and 89 other side effects caused by aspartame! I just left him there floating in his fantasy bubble. I am continually amazed at the ignorance in our society! I used to think the government wouldn’t pass a drug that would hurt us, but that was when I was a little naive girl from Rodney, Ontario, before I realized that obscene amounts of money can blind anyone to anything.

IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS. IGNORANCE CAN KILL YOU. The take-home message in my little rant is that it’s important to know what’s in your food!  One of my friends recently said to me “ignorance is bliss” while she was eating a sandwich stuffed with bacon and cheese.  I got an uneasy feeling right away and thought “ignorance is NOT bliss! It’s going to make you fat!”  Worse yet, it’s going to make you sick and diseased over time.