Connecting to your Spirit

blueskyI camped out in the car this morning since Arlo fell asleep during the 2 minute drive home, and read about how to dig deep and follow my intuition.  The exercise ended with time to sit still and quiet the mind, and just relax for a moment or two to connect with your breath – your direct line to Spirit.  This is something I rarely get to do during daylight hours and the results this morning were amazing.

If Arlo hadn’t fallen asleep I would have rushed inside with a fussy baby and been greeted at the door by my dear friend Laundry.  Instead, I was given the gift of a quiet and peaceful moment to myself where I focused on feeling the light within my heart.

The birds were chirping, and the sun was warm on my face.  Before I knew it I was deep in meditation.  I was present.  My heart was ablaze and my vibration was strong.  It was bliss.  And then I fell asleep, my head nearly fell off, and my body jerked back into reality – but the bliss remained.  When we take a few moments to breathe and connect to our Spirit, our vibration raises.  We’re happier.

People are in such a rush these days that they are truly missing the beauty in life. In themselves.  There are golden moments to be had if you just simply slow down for a few minutes a day.  Close your eyes, feel the sunlight on your face, and breathe deeply.  When people have a few minutes to spare, they can usually be found clutching their iphone.  So put the phone away, and experience what it is to be in the moment.

A few weekends ago we were walking along the Humber River when we crossed paths with a woman reading a book while walking.  “At least it’s not a phone?” I thought to myself.  She then moved the book aside and revealed a smartphone in her other hand!  I didn’t know whether to be appalled at her lack of presence, or impressed.  I sent her love.

Take a second to admire just how beautiful our planet really is.  Look around.  Slow down.  Breathe and connect to your Spirit – the real you.