I’m Quitting.

Today started out like most days.  Kids crying, kids putting stickers on the wall, kids writing all over said walls with pencil crayons that I cannot get off.  We yell.  Never again or you’re basically dead, child, we say.  Hubby takes the kids to school because I for once took the high road from yelling.  I walked away and quit being a parent completely.

An hour later I finally made my way to the cafe to let my hair down, soak in some organic tea, eat my gluten free brownie and go “OMmmmmmm”.   I relax – for a whole 5 seconds.  My intuition pipes up and says.  “No.”  “What do you mean, no”?  “Go running,” it says.

So I do what any good intuitive does and sit there and eat my brownie and read my book.  I ignore it.  No I say.  No!  I need to relax.  But it won’t let me.

So I pack up and go home, charge my phone to sync it with mapmyrun, stuff my little 8 week sausage baby otherwise known as “Arlo” into my new SUV of a running stroller, wad some kleenex into my pocket to nurse my killer sinus cold, and I run.  And run and run and run.  I run for a total of 7.86 km, and I feel better than I have in a long time – the entire time.

So listen to your intuition.  It wants to make you better.  Your ego wants to sit down and eat brownies and drink tea.  Hell, your ego wants you to enjoy a big fat cake so it can get to work putting it straight onto your big fat super hot ass.  No thank you ego.  I’m quitting you.