Raise Your Standards

oldyouLife becomes incredibly magical when you realize that you are in charge of your destiny.  You can materialize anything you want in life.  You just have to want it bad enough.  But before that, you must realize that you are worth it.

Having struggled with a severe lack of confidence almost my entire life, I am finally realizing that I am worth it.  On the surface, I am worth having my hair done once a month.  At the soul level I am worth respect, and above all else  – I am worth loving.  If you don’t love or respect the person you are, it’s pretty hard to command love and respect from others.  Once you realize that you are worthy of a life where all of your heart’s desires come true, life gets really interesting.  Know that you deserve to be loved for the soul you are right now.  So start loving yourself.

But having an AHA moment isn’t enough.  You have to do what no one can do for you: grow your soul.  Your thoughts and your actions must change.  You must live each an every moment with faith and gratitude.  Everything always works out in the end.  Where there is darkness, there is light.  You just have to find it.  So have faith and be thankful for everything you have in your life – even the darkness, because that is when our soul grows the most.


Start by writing down a list of your heart’s true desires.  What gets you fired up?  What makes your soul sing?  Deep down, you know precisely what lights your heart on fire.  Stop making excuses.  Raise your standards and commit to expect the best for yourself.  Eat better.  Exercise.  Do some soul searching reading.  Make time for yourself.  Learn.  Play.  Enjoy life.  Your soul needs food to keep going.  Feed your soul, and you’ll be feeding your relationships as well.  Live the life you are meant to live and you will make yourself happier than you have even been.  Raise your standards and you can turn your wishes into reality.


Joy and Grounding in Nature

boysriverThis past weekend was amazing in Toronto.  We took the kiddos for a long walk each day and enjoyed breathing in the negative ions along the Humber River.  Going for a long walk in nature is not only beautiful, but it is very grounding as well.

Kids just naturally gravitate toward nature.  The boys were playing in the dirt and hurling sticks over the rocks and into the water.  Without even knowing it, they were grounding themselves in nature and having a joyful time doing it.  The result: happy kids.

As the weather gets warmer I intend to be out there every day with my boys getting dirty and having fun.  That’s one of the reasons we had kids after all – to take a break from being adults and remember what it’s like to let loose, make a funny face, and be ridiculous!

The grounding effect is just a bonus.  It will calm your nerves and your mind, and reduce your stress. So when is the best time to get outside and ground yourself?  Right now!


Turn off the TV and Grow

learningOne of the biggest hurdles to my self-development and overall joy is that I never took time for myself.  While awaiting the birth of our 3rd son, it really hit me hard just how much I had lost myself.  I was convinced that I would have my time to shine when the kids were older.  I made myself less important and never took action to follow my dreams.  However, when you don’t do things that make you happy and grow your soul on a daily basis, your energy and life-force will take a heavy hit.

I found it hard just to make it through the days, and by the time the kids were in bed there was nothing left in my tank to fuel my evenings.  I was lethargic and often zoned out in front of the television for an hour just to have some “me” time.

But let me tell you this: Sitting in front of the TV for a few hours has nothing to do with recharging.  It’s going to deplete your energy tank and it’s going to make you shrink instead of grow.  And if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

The odds are that you’re not watching shows based spiritual enlightenment or a documentary on how to make yourself independently happy.  Chances are pretty high that you’re watching The Walking Dead, Duck Dynasty, or caught in the soul sucking habit of endlessly flipping through 100s of channels and then complaining that “nothing is on”.

If I happen to watch TV these days it’s because there is a specific show that brings a lot of joy to me.  Which means that I watch a LOT less TV than I ever have in my entire life.  There is nothing wrong with watching a little TV, provided it makes you happy and feeds your soul, but if you’re watching endless hours of television each and every night, ask yourself this: What am I avoiding?  What am I numbing in myself?  What am I missing in my life?  What do I really desire, and how do I want to feel?


These days I choose to end my days very differently.  I read, blog, research, and plan.  I practice gratitude, ask for guidance, and do whatever I can to show myself love.  I talk with my husband more.  When you connect with your family instead of the television, relationships will flourish and love will grow.

When I regard my past, I realize that I don’t want to keep falling into the same loop of behaviours over and over again.  I want to bust through the house I have built around myself and venture into the unknown.  The only way to do this is by learning and growing.  Be in the present moment and look for joy in those moments.  Look people in the eye and talk.  Ask questions.  Make connections.  Send and receive love.

So turn off the TV and grow.  Go outside. Play hockey. Do whatever it is that feeds your soul and you can fill your energy tank with love and joy.  Shift your focus. At the end of the day my tank is full because I spend my time wisely, and I feel whole and complete.  I wish the same for each and every person on this planet.  Do what you love, always.  Grow yourself, and you will have the love and energy you need to live your best life.


My Journey: Connecting to Spirit

bmsI was very resistant to this idea, being a show me the hard science type of girl, but I am now a firm believer that every single one of us has a guardian angel to guide us.  They are present with us at birth, remain with us throughout life, and will be at our sides as our last breath leaves our physical body, returning us to the spirit world.

Our guides want us to lead our right and perfect lives, and we are free to call on them whenever we need help.  There is no task too big or too small for our angels to help with, and are ready to serve us because serving us is serving God.  Our guardian angels have no sense of ego either, because they have never been human.  That means that they have no sense of “self” apart from the world.  They simply want to serve and help us live our birth right: a life of ease and flow in which we fulfill our life’s purpose. 

And not only do we have guides, but there are archangels (the heavy artillery), and an entire ministry of angels who cover literally every single problem you may have, such as finding a good parking space or finding an appropriate house to buy.  All we have to do is connect with them regularly and ask for what we need. I have been calling upon Archangel Michael lately, because it is he who brings us closer to our life’s purpose and can give us a confidence boost of strength and dedication when we feel ourselves slowing down.  Also Raphael, to bring me into balance and re-energize my body, mind and spirit.  If you want to learn more, google is your best friend ;).

I have been using this simple prayer quite regularly to ask for help when I need it thanks to Sonia Choquette, author of Ask Your Guides: “Ministry of angels, oversee all that I do and make it easy, magical, and full of gifts. Thank you.”  I then feel the angels’ presence and ask for what I need.

I have been interested in spirit for a long time now, but I catapulted myself into this world after seeing a psychic medium in Oshawa about 6 weeks ago, Effie Dimitropoulos.  Effie told me something that I already knew: I had the ability to do exactly what she was doing.  She said that I was a gifted medium like her, and that I had a family member, my maternal grandfather I later learned, who was gifted as well.  Apparently whenever I can’t find something that is right in front of my face, it is my grandfather playing tricks on me, and I used to play with him often as a young girl.

Effie told me that I have premonitions (yes, they usually come in dreams) and can tell the history of objects simply by holding them in my hands (no luck there yet, but I keep trying) and that by honing in on my meditation skills and my third eye, I will tune into these energies.  And I do so as often as a 4-week old baby allows.


I think I was drawn to Effie because of her spirit and her keen third eye ability.  Everything she had on her table was indigo, the colour of the third eye.  I didn’t even know at the time the significance of this shade of purple, but funnily enough I had brought with me a purple notebook and a purple pen!

I now call on my guides and archangels daily for guidance and ease of life.  I have only once heard something from my angels, but it was exactly what I needed to hear at the time, and I look forward to making stronger connections with them as time charges on.  There is something innately calming about having my angels near, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am so very fortunate to be on my current life path.