Warm Weather Means Naked Time!

We’ve had a few warm days here in Port Perry, so we’re making the most of our delicious back yard!  Oscar was lucky enough to get some naked time, and we all know there’s nothing better for a baby butt than some diaper-free action!  At Oscar’s request, the images have been kept modest.

Hanging onto a naked baby is not an easy task!

Oscar-Daddy time.

Oscar loves cameras.  I can rarely catch him doing something organic.  When he sees the camera he is mesmerized!

GQ modeling shot.

Camera time again!

I want to get outside and enjoy the weather, but getting Oscar outside and keeping him out of the sun all the time seems like an impossible task.  The last thing I want is a burnt baby, but we need to get out there and get some sun!  So the compromise seems to be minimal shaded time outside, mostly covered.  Who knew you could still get rays in the shade, but you can, and babies even need to be covered in the shade!

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