Testing the ERGO

We’ve been walking in the forest a lot lately – one of the benefits of moving out of the city!  The trail we took on the weekend was just off Coates Road interestingly enough.  The trail starts on top of a hill which means that you can actually see all the way across Lake Ontario!  You can also see Toronto and get an idea of how far we live from it: not too close, and not too far away.

View of Lake Ontario


View of Toronto


Munchkin Oscar in his pink ERGO

I just got my ERGO carrier last week from babysteals!  It’s organic and super soft. I’ve been using a Moby wrap up until now, but I wanted another more structured carrier that I could put on my back.  I can put the ERGO on quickly. I don’t have to worry about the fabric stretching during the walk and Oscar gets a better view of his surroundings.

At some point I will attempt the back carry position but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  In the instructions you apparently just toss the kid on your back with one arm like it’s no big deal.  I tried to try that once and it didn’t go so well!  Next time I will try a different approach to get him on my back: it will involve a couch and some Matrix-style moves to complete, but I think it will work.

The Three Musketeers

The best part about getting out early is that we can let the dogs run loose.  When we went for this 2.5 hour walk we only ran into a few people right at the end.  It means they get to run around a lot more.  They like to stick close to Yuri though.

Yuri borrowed my scarf :)

I was hot. He was cold. Balance.