It’s Bumbo Time

I wanted to get one of these chairs, but totally refused to pay $60 plus tax to get one.  And just when I was happy with my decision, we took the dogs for a walk the other night and I saw one in the window at our local consignment shop!  I tried the door, but it was locked.  We had just missed closing time!  Thankfully, the girl took pity on me and let me in and I scored a Bumbo for $25!  Yay!  It was perfect timing because he’s just learning to sit up.


Oscar sitting next to my Mother’s Day flowers :)

His first time in the Bumbo was so much fun for him!  He’s just got to get a little more practice before we take the show on the road, but I’m hoping this will make going out for dinner a whole lot easier.

p.s. Oscar’s got game.