Babywearing in the Forest

I’m not actively watching what I eat, though I do get a pretty good view of it when I raise my hand to my mouth! Ha. I think I eat more than Yuri does, though I suppose that’s expected since I’m still growing a baby with my body – which is pretty cool.  Most of our groceries are fruits and vegetables anyway, but somehow I manage to have a little bit of dessert every day.  Just last week, 3 different people gave us carrot cake in a 5 day period!  If I tried, I think the baby weight would come off pretty fast.  At the moment, I’m just trying to get a little more activity into my days and eat balanced meals – dessert and all.  Now that the weather is warmer, working out means strapping on the baby and going for a walk!

So, at the risk of upsetting Oscar’s new nap schedule, Yuri and I decided to take the kids for a walk in Durham Regional Forest this morning.  In the winter, this trail is the perfect place to snowshoe and cross country ski.  In the summer, it’s great for walking and biking!  You can walk for hours in the forest.  Walking for hours in town just isn’t possible when it’s as small as Port Perry.  The sidewalks run out pretty quickly here.


Babywearing.  It’s the new black.

Durham Regional Forest

“I love you treeeees!”

Yuri and the Fur Babies

A sleepy munchkin just woke up from his babywearing nap

Since Oscar missed his morning nap, getting him down to sleep at noon was a bit of a fight, but 2 hours later he’s still sleeping!  Thanks to the baby monitor my brother and sister-in-law gave us, this means that I had the time and luxury to work out in the basement!  We don’t use the monitor at night because the light it too bright and we can hear him anyway, but during nap time it means that I can make sure he’s alright even when I’m working up a sweat in the basement to some pretty heavy tunes.

Today’s workout consisted of kettlebell swings, pullups, bicep curls, situps on the exercise ball, and knee raises on the rebounder.  When I was done, climbing the stairs was pretty difficult and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sore tomorrow, but it’s going to be worth the pain I’m sure!  I try to get in a good workout 2 times a week, and a good babywearing walk every chance I get!

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