Oscar Goes to Toronto

We ventured to the city on Friday for the Baby Times show, a haircut for mom, and 3 separate dinner dates. Yes – 5 separate appointments.

Yuri was extremely happy to drop Oscar and I off at the Baby Show and run the opposite direction. If you enjoy gridlock traffic, being surrounded by hundreds of screaming babies, and being trapped by narcissistic toddlers, men and women behind strollers that should have their license suspended this instant – by all means go to a baby trade show.

I did score some good deals and saw many others from afar. Many missions were aborted due to insanely high levels of stroller backup. Oscar got 2 new ergo swaddling cocoons, 3 organic onesies, 2 pairs of shoes, a wrap, lotion, and a MAM bottle and soother. Little did I know at the time, but the MAM bottle ended up being the thing that made the trip a blazing success. After many bottle battles, Oscar took to the MAM like the boobie – Twice. Hello freedom for mommy!

Tips for surviving any baby show: Be the first person in line and get in and out in under an hour. Strap baby to your chest and bring dad to carry the bags. Sorry dad. You need to take one for the team.

Next stop: Yorkville for a much needed haircut. I refuse to go to any other hairdresser, so this was an important stop. This involved strapping Oscar to Yuri for the first time, grabbing a quick Starbucks, and spending 40 glorious minutes getting pampered. After the haircut, Yuri and I went our separate ways to 2 separate dinners. He to a raw restaurant with a friend and me to meet up with friends and dinner at a Colombian restaurant.

Well, dinner was a complete bust. It was Oscar Dragon fussy time which meant I spent the entire time in a small, packed restaurant trying to calm the little munchkin. Needless to say I left mid-meal and mourned my delicious loss for the rest of the evening. I packed a screaming baby into the car and drove to crash a pre-bachelor-party party. Oscar finally flaked out and mom ordered a Guinness. But guess what happened?  That’s right!  Before mom got to enjoy said Guinness, Oscar decided to get fussy again and it was left behind barely scathed by my needy lips!  I’m starting to think that unpredictable baby behaviour is actually entirely quite predictable :)

I wish I had some pictures but I was so distracted!  Must start remembering to take pictures!