Baby Legs in Babylegs

BabyLegsOscar Struts his BabyLegs

Having a boy didn’t stop me from putting my baby in tights.  Oscar has quite the collection as of yet, and it’s getting bigger.  Mind you, all but 2 of them were bought either 50% off or on Ebay.  I buy most of my baby stuff on sale.  I just can’t bring myself to pay full price for any of it, unless I am in dire straits – like when I bought my first baby carrier.  I gladly forked over almost $70 for a piece of fabric to strap my baby to me when he wouldn’t let me put him down.  Stupid, maybe, but it was my Holy Grail at the time.


Zooties and BabyLegs infant tights

Baby tights are amazing.  They trump pants any day.  When you have to change a baby 12 times a day, pants are the Devil.  With baby tights, you don’t have to worry about taking them off to change your little munchkin – unless they get covered in poop that is.

They keep baby’s legs warm, and they look pretty fabulous while doing it.  Next to his cloth diapers, his baby tights are probably my most favourite baby item.  If he gets hot, it takes no time to strip them off – especially if he’s in his car seat!

I even put some BabyLegs on his arms last night while he slept to keep them warm.  I didn’t want to wake him up putting a sweater on him, so leggings were a great shortcut in the middle of the night.  He got out of his swaddle and was quite happy having done so.  It took me 2 seconds to put them on, and I was back in bed. mmmm, glorious bed.


Soccer BabyLegs!

The Mute Button

I said I would never give my baby a pacifier, but you say a lot of things when you are childless and idealistic that do not mesh with actual insano crying babies. But now that our little Oscar Dragon is here, it’s time for me to exercise a little parental realism.


The pacifier is a last resort baby prop for me.  He’s not going to become another Suri Cruise, who has been spotted with her pacifier recently at 5 years old!  At that point you’re just begging for braces.  No thanks.

I still don’t like to see the pacifier in his mouth, but it’s the lesser of two evils.  Pacifier or crying?  That is a pretty easy choice for me to make at this point, and most times he rejects it outright anyway.  Oscar has never been given a bottle, so this is a little confusing for him at nearly 2 months old.  He has no idea how to hold the pacifier in his mouth for any length of time so I either have to hold it in his mouth or replace it a hundred times.  I’m okay with that because it means he won’t be sucking on it for hours – nor will he be sleeping with it!  That’s a recipe for mommy sleep deprivation, and I’m already halfway there without having to get up solely to replace his binky.

Next step:  Attempt to give him a bottle!

I bought some bottles yesterday when I was deep in love with the dream of getting a little bit of freedom back.  I could just imagine getting out of the house for a couple of hours without feeling that Oscar was crying and starving without me!  But then I woke up and realized that I’m not really ready to give up our exclusive breastfeeding streak.  I’m sure giving him a bottle here and there of breast milk will not end our breastfeeding days, but I’m a new mom so it’s my job to worry about everything isn’t it?  I’m sure we’ll try it soon, but I’ve got to get a freezer stash of breast milk going and I don’t want to starve Oscar in the meanwhile.  Thankfully, I can take my time and attempt the bottle when we’re both ready.

Oscar Plays Football

I feel pretty confident in saying that the colicky days are over, thankfully, after 2 months.  I think it’s because Oscar’s gotten older and we’ve gotten better at calming him down when he goes off his rocker!  He’s been talking to us for a week or so and the smiles are multiplying like Easter bunnies!

Yuri had a birthday last week, so we had some friends up on the weekend.  I think Oscar got more presents than Yuri!  One of the presents was a mini soccer ball of course:


Oscar wasn’t too happy with his performance, so he was pretty excited to practice his footwork the next day: