Oscar Update

I am completely in love with being a mom.  I may even entertain the idea of having more kids – as long as I don’t have to give birth to them!  Many people have told me that I will forget the pain over time, though I remain somewhat jaded about childbirth after 3 months.  I still get tears in my eyes whenever I think about that day, and my back is still in rough shape from the intense back labour pains.  This is one case in which muscle memory is a bitch and not a bonus.  And then there’s that perineal tear that is still tender after 12 weeks.  I would now like to retract what I previously said about having more kids… Haha.

After talking with other women about the joys of giving birth last night, I have come to the decision that I am 100% caving and getting the epidural next time.  I am a HUGE supporter and promoter of natural childbirth, and you can read my birth story to understand just how important it is to me, but my decision was made for me when I heard of a woman whose second natural birth hurt worse than the first time.  Sign me up now please.  And that is the end of that.

Oscar had a few good weeks but he’s back to not sleeping again.  I was getting a 4 hour stretch every night at one point, but the last week he has gotten his gas pains back and goes anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours at most.  I am so jealous when I hear about other babies the same age sleeping through the night!  Maybe soon?

Oscar is in that repetition stage now.  He loves when you talk to him one on one.  He tries so hard to make the sounds we say.  His favourite sound to make is “oooo”.  I’m sure this doesn’t come as a shock.  He’s a baby and babies say “oooo” all the time.  It’s his delivery of “oooo” that gets me.  He uses every fiber in his entire body to say it back to me.  It takes him so much effort.  It’s soooooo cute!


Tired after a morning of learning