Raise Your Standards

oldyouLife becomes incredibly magical when you realize that you are in charge of your destiny.  You can materialize anything you want in life.  You just have to want it bad enough.  But before that, you must realize that you are worth it.

Having struggled with a severe lack of confidence almost my entire life, I am finally realizing that I am worth it.  On the surface, I am worth having my hair done once a month.  At the soul level I am worth respect, and above all else  – I am worth loving.  If you don’t love or respect the person you are, it’s pretty hard to command love and respect from others.  Once you realize that you are worthy of a life where all of your heart’s desires come true, life gets really interesting.  Know that you deserve to be loved for the soul you are right now.  So start loving yourself.

But having an AHA moment isn’t enough.  You have to do what no one can do for you: grow your soul.  Your thoughts and your actions must change.  You must live each an every moment with faith and gratitude.  Everything always works out in the end.  Where there is darkness, there is light.  You just have to find it.  So have faith and be thankful for everything you have in your life – even the darkness, because that is when our soul grows the most.


Start by writing down a list of your heart’s true desires.  What gets you fired up?  What makes your soul sing?  Deep down, you know precisely what lights your heart on fire.  Stop making excuses.  Raise your standards and commit to expect the best for yourself.  Eat better.  Exercise.  Do some soul searching reading.  Make time for yourself.  Learn.  Play.  Enjoy life.  Your soul needs food to keep going.  Feed your soul, and you’ll be feeding your relationships as well.  Live the life you are meant to live and you will make yourself happier than you have even been.  Raise your standards and you can turn your wishes into reality.


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