Joy and Grounding in Nature

boysriverThis past weekend was amazing in Toronto.  We took the kiddos for a long walk each day and enjoyed breathing in the negative ions along the Humber River.  Going for a long walk in nature is not only beautiful, but it is very grounding as well.

Kids just naturally gravitate toward nature.  The boys were playing in the dirt and hurling sticks over the rocks and into the water.  Without even knowing it, they were grounding themselves in nature and having a joyful time doing it.  The result: happy kids.

As the weather gets warmer I intend to be out there every day with my boys getting dirty and having fun.  That’s one of the reasons we had kids after all – to take a break from being adults and remember what it’s like to let loose, make a funny face, and be ridiculous!

The grounding effect is just a bonus.  It will calm your nerves and your mind, and reduce your stress. So when is the best time to get outside and ground yourself?  Right now!


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