How to Find True Love

Have you ever realized just how beautifully life flows when you are in love? Being in love is the best feeling in the world. It’s magical. It’s unbelievable. Ridiculous. It’s a feeling that I cannot live without in this sometimes seemingly harsh human world. 

When you really think about it, all you ever have is now, so you might as well enjoy it. This is it. How you are feeling at this moment is your magnet. That which is like unto itself is drawn, says Abraham and the Law of Attraction. Our thoughts create our experience. Why not think in love?

Your reality is yours and yours alone. There is no collective reality. We all have complete childhoods and life events that shape who we are. We learn good habits and bad habits and everything in between. It is our history that predisposes our thoughts to our current reality.

Until one day it doesn’t. One day we wake up. We step into our power and we are ready to take responsibility for our thoughts, our actions, and our lives. We get off the hamster wheel and realize just how amazing we are. We realize how amazing the world is. We realize how amazing the Universe is, and that the energy we have within us has the power to create worlds.

We realize that life is really, really great. We open our hearts to anyone and everyone and bleed kindness all around. There is nothing that we won’t tear down within us to recreate ourselves in this new vision of all encompassing love. We realize that we’ve been holding ourselves back all this time. Our unhappiness wasn’t caused by anything but our own fear. And all in one defining moment we realize that we can burst straight through fear’s door, broken hearted and all, fully capable and ready to align with that which we truly are: the magnificent being that God created us to be.

And looking back, it really is funny. We had the power within us the entire time, and we just didn’t know it. And life on the other side of heartbreak is beautiful. It’s inspiring. It’s more than you can even imagine. When you find your true love has been within you, it is you, you realize that you can never be alone again.

True love is yours the moment you step into your power. And you don’t even need to be heartbroken. You just have to entertain the idea that you are worthy. You are loved. And everything is always, always working out for you.

Today, love is my invisibility cloak. I try to wear it everywhere. When I wrap myself in love, nothing can touch me. I am unavailable for disaster to strike. I’m flying. I’m more accessible than I’ve ever been yet I am unreachable by many things that once crushed me. I take nothing personally anymore, and happiness finds me everywhere I go. 

Today life brought me unexpectedly face to face with another I dearly love. In the same place at the same time, I walked into a coffee shop and heard my name. I looked up and saw my brother. Neither of us had a clue what the other was doing, but the Universe saw it fitting to bring two happy people. Events like this are life’s true gifts. The present moment is a gift all on its own, but this was the icing on the cake.

See Only Love

It seems that the angels are answering all of my prayers lately.  My life is streamlining in the exact fashion that I wish it to, and I have a feeling that it’s no accident.  That’s what happens when you make the decision to be happy.  All you have to do is decide right now that you’re not going to give away your power to anyone else, that you are going to be happy no matter what is going on around you.  You are an extremely powerful spiritual being, and you have the power to be happy whenever you choose.  You can also choose to stop criticizing, stop comparing, stop expecting the worst, and and you can choose to see only love.  If you’re always judging and complaining about things, maybe you’ve trained yourself to focus on the bad things.


I challenge you to retrain yourself.  For 24 hours, I challenge you to focus only on the good in all areas of your life.  Focus on what you love about your kids, your partner, your job, your parents, etc.  How may people do you know who constantly complain about their jobs?  Take a moment and just be grateful that you have a job.  Many people are struggling to find one.  Focus on what you love about yourself.  What does your mental chatter sound like?  Do you tell yourself how amazing you are, how smart you are, or do you belittle yourself?  Send yourself loving thoughts.

See how your partner reacts when you stop criticizing them for not taking out the garbage.  Instead, shift your focus.  Say “You know, it really means a lot to me when you take out the garbage.  Thank you for doing that every week.”  Focus on the positive instead of the negative.  Why did you marry your partner in the first place?  What made you fall in love with them?  Relationships improve immediately when you stop focusing on the bad and start focusing on the good.  Look past the misunderstandings and mistakes, and see only love.  If you catch yourself complaining, judging, comparing, etc. that’s ok!  It’s great!  It means you are becoming more aware of your negative thoughts!  Awareness is what you want.  Control your thoughts or they will control you.

Love is light.  The opposite of light is dark; the opposite of love is fear.  Where there is love there cannot be fear.  For some reason, so many of us are living in a fear-based reality, and we don’t see a way out.  Well, the way out is love.  It all starts with digging deep and finding out what you love about yourself.  What makes your spirit happy?  What do you simply love to do?  What makes you smile?  What makes you laugh?  Do some of those things right now.  Show yourself some love.  Loving yourself is the first step out of the fear-based illusion we have created for ourselves.

Realizing that I could instantly create a happy life all by myself was the first step to setting myself free from the fear-based illusion I was living in.  I was always striving for perfection, but since perfection doesn’t exist, I was holding myself back.  Realizing this, my self-imposed walls broke down, and suddenly I was free.  I am the creator of my life.  Whatever I want, I can make it happen.  With that realization came excitement.  I used to be scared to be in charge of my own life, but now, the exact same realization makes me feel so powerful.  What changed?  I chose love.  I chose happiness and excitement over fear.  How do you want to feel?  Stop focusing on what’s wrong in your life, and start focusing on what’s right.  Start focusing on creating the life of your dreams.

Once I started focusing on being happy, I realized that all I have to do to make my dreams come true is work on them a little more each day.  How cool is that?  No matter where you are today, just imagine where you could be a year from now if you did one thing each day that carried you closer to the realization of your dream.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the steps are, it’s the direction that matters.  Don’t let fears make you take steps backward.  Realize that you are a powerful co-creator of your dreams.  Step into your power.  Own your dreams.  You are worth it.


All is Well

I’ve been focusing a lot on recipes lately so today I’m going back to personal development!  I consulted my oracle cards for inspiration and my angels have pointed me toward divine timing.  They want us to know that everything is alright.  All is well.  No matter where you are in your personal life, you are right where you need to be and everything is going to be okay.


If you’re struggling at the moment, know that there are hidden blessings in the lessons you are learning that you may not be able to see yet.  Times of change are often for the better, and if you can show yourself some love via relaxation techniques, the process of change will be easier.  Get yourself to a yoga class, meditate, or simply practice deep breathing whenever and wherever you can.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing was an extremely important tool that I used when I found myself thrust into debilitating change.  It was literally my body’s response to the stress I was under.  There were times when my body just automatically started deep breathing to calm me down.  I never even thought about it, it just happened.  Now I purposefully incorporate deep breathing into my days (whenever I find myself outside) and nights (during meditation).

Send Some Love

If there are individuals with which you find yourself in friction, it’s time to send some love.  Everyone around you is affected by your energy, your beliefs and your expectations.  Be mindful of your thoughts whenever someone bothers you and make the effort to let go of any anger, resentment, or negativity toward them.  Try to think of reasons to send love to those people and watch how your relationships change for the better once you are showering them with blessings and love rather than anger.

For example, I was at an outdoor market recently and had ordered a coffee.  It was a micro roaster and the technique the barista was using took a LONG time to produce coffee.  In the meantime a woman was grilling the barista.  I was getting more and more annoyed by her and was feeling sorry for the barista for having to endure her wrath.  When it came time for her to pay, the woman was annoyed about having to break a $20 bill for a $2.50 coffee.

I jumped in and said “Here, I have $2.50 in my hand.  Let me buy you a coffee.”  I didn’t know what to expect, but after the initial shock on her face she immediately she switched gears and was extremely grateful and loving toward me.  “Thank you!  I’ll pay it forward!” She said.  “Please do.” I replied.  Simply by showing her a little love, the situation went in a completely different direction and the energy changed from stiff to happy.

It doesn’t matter why there is friction, or where the friction originated.  You can make a big difference just by showing love in any situation.  I encourage you to try being kind and positive in a situation where you find yourself irritated.  The results will be amazing.


Raise Your Standards

oldyouLife becomes incredibly magical when you realize that you are in charge of your destiny.  You can materialize anything you want in life.  You just have to want it bad enough.  But before that, you must realize that you are worth it.

Having struggled with a severe lack of confidence almost my entire life, I am finally realizing that I am worth it.  On the surface, I am worth having my hair done once a month.  At the soul level I am worth respect, and above all else  – I am worth loving.  If you don’t love or respect the person you are, it’s pretty hard to command love and respect from others.  Once you realize that you are worthy of a life where all of your heart’s desires come true, life gets really interesting.  Know that you deserve to be loved for the soul you are right now.  So start loving yourself.

But having an AHA moment isn’t enough.  You have to do what no one can do for you: grow your soul.  Your thoughts and your actions must change.  You must live each an every moment with faith and gratitude.  Everything always works out in the end.  Where there is darkness, there is light.  You just have to find it.  So have faith and be thankful for everything you have in your life – even the darkness, because that is when our soul grows the most.


Start by writing down a list of your heart’s true desires.  What gets you fired up?  What makes your soul sing?  Deep down, you know precisely what lights your heart on fire.  Stop making excuses.  Raise your standards and commit to expect the best for yourself.  Eat better.  Exercise.  Do some soul searching reading.  Make time for yourself.  Learn.  Play.  Enjoy life.  Your soul needs food to keep going.  Feed your soul, and you’ll be feeding your relationships as well.  Live the life you are meant to live and you will make yourself happier than you have even been.  Raise your standards and you can turn your wishes into reality.