Turn off the TV and Grow

learningOne of the biggest hurdles to my self-development and overall joy is that I never took time for myself.  While awaiting the birth of our 3rd son, it really hit me hard just how much I had lost myself.  I was convinced that I would have my time to shine when the kids were older.  I made myself less important and never took action to follow my dreams.  However, when you don’t do things that make you happy and grow your soul on a daily basis, your energy and life-force will take a heavy hit.

I found it hard just to make it through the days, and by the time the kids were in bed there was nothing left in my tank to fuel my evenings.  I was lethargic and often zoned out in front of the television for an hour just to have some “me” time.

But let me tell you this: Sitting in front of the TV for a few hours has nothing to do with recharging.  It’s going to deplete your energy tank and it’s going to make you shrink instead of grow.  And if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

The odds are that you’re not watching shows based spiritual enlightenment or a documentary on how to make yourself independently happy.  Chances are pretty high that you’re watching The Walking Dead, Duck Dynasty, or caught in the soul sucking habit of endlessly flipping through 100s of channels and then complaining that “nothing is on”.

If I happen to watch TV these days it’s because there is a specific show that brings a lot of joy to me.  Which means that I watch a LOT less TV than I ever have in my entire life.  There is nothing wrong with watching a little TV, provided it makes you happy and feeds your soul, but if you’re watching endless hours of television each and every night, ask yourself this: What am I avoiding?  What am I numbing in myself?  What am I missing in my life?  What do I really desire, and how do I want to feel?


These days I choose to end my days very differently.  I read, blog, research, and plan.  I practice gratitude, ask for guidance, and do whatever I can to show myself love.  I talk with my husband more.  When you connect with your family instead of the television, relationships will flourish and love will grow.

When I regard my past, I realize that I don’t want to keep falling into the same loop of behaviours over and over again.  I want to bust through the house I have built around myself and venture into the unknown.  The only way to do this is by learning and growing.  Be in the present moment and look for joy in those moments.  Look people in the eye and talk.  Ask questions.  Make connections.  Send and receive love.

So turn off the TV and grow.  Go outside. Play hockey. Do whatever it is that feeds your soul and you can fill your energy tank with love and joy.  Shift your focus. At the end of the day my tank is full because I spend my time wisely, and I feel whole and complete.  I wish the same for each and every person on this planet.  Do what you love, always.  Grow yourself, and you will have the love and energy you need to live your best life.


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