bigleapThe newborn honeymoon is over and Arlo is awake and crying much of the time these days.  Neither him nor I have gotten much sleep the past 72 hours which means that most of my healthy practices are headed down the toilet.  Today I have already been to Starbucks instead of hitting up the green juice stored in the fridge.  Yet I refuse to give in and make excuses.

I managed to read a few pages of The Desire Map last night and thankfully I happened to read about resistance.  I feel like my body is using sleep deprivation to make a case for resistance.  It’s been hard to keep up with meditation, healthy eating, juicing, writing, etc.  I still practice them daily but I would like to do more.  I could say “It’s okay, I have a newborn.”  “I also have a 16 month old and a just-turned-3-year-old.”  It’s not okay.  I will find a way.

“I’m changing,” we must remind ourselves.  Todd Herman, a sports psychology coach, has 5 techniques to enact when we feel resistance building:

  1. Deep breathing – instant energy for your cells!  I must add hot yoga to my ever growing list of things to do for this very reason.
  2. Focus on why you are doing what you’re doing.  How do you want to feel?
  3. Remind yourself:  I’m changing.  Your cells need time to grow and change, so give them the time they need to reshape themselves.
  4. Visualization: visualize the exact outcome you desire.
  5. Keep drafting your outcome.  You must fine-tune your desires daily and get clear on what exactly you want your life to be and how you want to feel.

These 5 steps are empowering!  Visualization is the key that turns the lock to your desires, so use it daily.  Especially in times of resistance.  Breathe, focus, and visualize!!!

I did, however, give in and snuggle this little man to sleep.  It’s the only way I can get anything done at the moment, and these moments won’t last forever.



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