The Importance of Grounding

holdingearthWhen I am not grounded I feel incredibly anxious.  And when my partner is not grounded I am anxious times a thousand.  I can feel it.  To say there is tension in the air is an understatement.  When my partner isn’t grounded it’s like there is a spider web filling every ounce of space in the room, and I cannot avoid getting stuck in it.  It makes me physically ill when it’s there, and there is no escaping it.  Or is there?

This is when I send an emergency text to my energy healer and have her send clearing and grounding energy immediately.  When she is able to do so there is an immediate shift in the way I feel.  Suddenly there is no more emotional charge hijacking my soul.  I am no longer lost in the non-physical dimension of downward spiraled thought and I am present again.  Being grounded can actually turn a horrible experience into a very uplifting one.

How is this possible?  When we are grounded, energy is allowed to flow through our root chakra instead of getting stuck and building up.  Thoughts and feelings can flow through us rather than being over-processed by our minds.  Grounding allows us to be fully present in our physical body and allows us to enjoy what is happening in the current moment, irrespective of seemingly omnipresent problems.

How can you ground yourself?  Of course, not everyone has an energy healer on speed dial.  I often ground myself instead of calling wolf.  I only contact my energy healer if I’m having a do or die kind of moment, like when my partner’s ungrounded energy feels like it is literally going to kill me where I sit or stand.  I know I am very lucky to have this kind of help in my life.  Perhaps one day I will learn how to ground my partner, but for the time being I am able to ground myself.

treepose3 Ways to Ground Yourself

1) Walk Barefoot Outside.  This isn’t possible at the moment, being -10 C in Canada, but if it were even remotely feasible I would be out there rolling around in the earth right now.  Being in direct contact with the earth allows your body to assume the same electrical charge as the ground, stripping away the damaging electrical charges that unhinge us.  Alternatively you could probably go hug a tree!

2) Visualization.  Sit or stand with your feet touching the ground.  Imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet and see them diving deep into the earth where they wrap around the earth’s core.  Picture the earth sharing her energy with you and becoming one with the ground.  Tree pose in yoga is one of my favourite poses for this reason.  If you can visualize yourself as a tree and become one with the earth, it is amazing how strong your balance becomes.  It is for this reason that this pose is one of the very first poses performed in a yoga class!

3) Exercise and Proper Nourishment.  I find this the easiest way to stay grounded, simply because these habits promote grounding without necessarily having to think about it.  Clean eating and exercise are not difficult tasks once you make them a priority.  Daily exercise is important for the mind and body, but it’s not enough.  I would say that it’s even more important that you properly nourish yourself.  This means drinking filtered water and eating as clean as possible: fruits, vegetables, organic meats.  It also means limiting the bad stuff such as dairy and processed foods.  Eat as close to the earth as you possibly can.  This means preparing food from scratch rather than ordering pizza, though I have been known to order the odd pizza – I’m human after all.

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