Allergen-Free Diet: Day 2

Day 1 of my self-imposed challenge did not go so well. I didn’t have time to shop and had to survive on bananas and peanut butter through the day.  Neither of those foods were on my “Perfect” list, but I still consider the day a success since I didn’t eat and dairy, wheat, soy, or corn.  Dinner consisted of a garden salad with a 3 oz rib eye steak and organic acorn squash.

I have included meat in my diet once again to see if I can balance my iron levels and clear up the last of my eczema.  All meat that we consume is organically and locally raised at pasture.  I still have the moral dilemma that comes with eating a living animal, but I am starting to lean toward the hunter gatherer diet as one that suits both my mind and my body best.

I enjoy experimenting with my diet and I’m a firm believer in food as therapy.   Time will tell if meat is in my diet to stay.

Day 2 of my challenge is shaping up nicely. We just received our local organic food delivery and there are plenty of fabulous fruits and vegetables at my disposal.  Breakfast consisted of a smoothie made with bananas and almond butter and lunch consisted of a few pears.  I’m not too hungry today, so dinner will likely be a large salad!

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