Durian – Best Fruit Ever.

Durian Pudding

I fell in love with the durian about a year ago.  You never forget your first.  I brought it home from china town and plopped it on the kitchen table.  The next day, our whole house smelled literally like crap, and I hadn’t even opened it yet!  I’m pretty sure our house smelled bad for an entire week.  Lesson learned.  Now when we bring home durians – they sleep outside!

I just made what I call Durian Pudding – quite possibly my favourite food in the entire world.  And all it simply is, is durian fruit mixed with a spoonful of raw almond butter!


Durian Pudding

1 cup durian fruit
2 tbsp raw almond butter

Just throw the ingredients in a bowl and mix it up with a fork!  Instant custardy goodness.


Since some people find the smell so offensive, durian isn’t allowed on public transportation in some areas!  Hilarious and weird, because I don’t mind the smell anymore – I guess it’s because I know how yummy it is!

It may take you a few tries at eating it before you like it, and no two durian fruit taste the same, so I suggest you give it a few tries.  I never knew when I first tried it that I would ever declare it my favourite food ever, so you just never know how you’ll react!