Fighting the Dairy Advocates.

Being one who tries desperately to avoid dairy products, it is unfathomable that others would even consider drinking a glass of milk. There are so many reasons to avoid it that there isn’t a chance I can share all of my reasons why right now…you’re going to have to wait for the book to hit store shelves!

I am currently doing research for the aformentioned book and I stumbled across a study done at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, which is just an example of all the ridiculous studies out there that are so horribly designed that they’re just wasting time and money that could be put to much better use!

This particular study looked at the effects of drinking milk on exercise, which could have yielded some terrific results had it been designed correctly. The researchers had its participants drink either water, a sports drink, 1% milk, or 1% milk with added sugar before and every 10 minutes during exercise. They concluded, and I quote “exercise time to exhaustion was not significantly influenced by the drink ingested but there was a tendency for subjects to exercise longer when the carbohydrate-electrolyte, milk, or milk plus glucose was ingested compared with water.”  No kidding geniuses!

Their bodies are already swimming in crap associated with all the milk and ice cream, etc. over the past few days. A better study would have lasted weeks and had the participants eliminate all dairy from their diets, look at exercise with glucose and water, and then introduce dairy over a few days and look at exercise again with dairy and glucose.  The re-introduction of dairy would probably make them too ill to exercise!

It’s so frustrating when most studies are designed by people backed by the dairy industry…of course they’re not going to design a study that sheds the light on its horrendous effects on the human body!