(No) Walk in the Park


Yuri is in Texas for a conference and I’m here with the little ones.  Yesterday I decided that it would be fun to take Oscar and the two little rascal Dachshunds to the park. OMG, what a ride.

After much whining and pulling by the dogs and just as much fussing from Oscar, I bought some water to give the dogs and sat on a bench in the shade to feed Oscar.  I started feeding Oscar, careful not to flash the families near by, when I realized that he’d had a massive poop and he needed to be changed.  I forgot the change pad, so I used the padded baby carrier to lay him on.  No sooner did I have the diaper off when he decided to fuss and roll, so I grabbed his bottle with water in it and popped it in his mouth. Silence.

Then, he peed.  He peed all over his own face, his outfit, his hat, and the baby carrier.  And I laughed.  I couldn’t believe how much had happened in the last minute.  And then I see Laila Monkey, our youngest Dachshund run by.  She had gotten he leash stuck and in a panic had gotten out of her harness.  So I had a baby covered in pee and a rogue Dachshund to get under control.  Thankfully there were no young children running by, or Monkey would have had a good chase.

I diapered Oscar, removed his outfit, placed him in the stroller, and ran after Monkey – who I tackled with the harness.  I calmed down Jax who had been whining throughout this whole ordeal and then decided it was get the hell home O’clock!

Other events from yesterday included trying a sippy cup for the first time, drooling, and getting some new Babylegs in the mail!



He figured out the sippy cup pretty quickly!


Gotta love the drool machine.  No teeth yet!


New fishy Babylegs!


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