Infant Carseat Adventures.

infant car seatI’ve been looking at our new infant car seat, trying to figure it out, and I finally get how to work all of the straps.  However, with this particular car seat you have to take all the straps off in order to take out the infant headrest.  WHY?  I am so close to just cutting it off.  Some velcro would have been nice so it could come on and off in seconds.  Who invents these contraptions?  After a little bit of swearing, the infant head rest was removed and now baby boy has a built-in snowsuit attached to his car seat.  Man I wish I was small enough to crawl inside!

I’ve washed all of the baby clothes and have them packed away for the move.  I can’t believe this kid already has enough 34 weeks pregnantclothes to fill an entire garbage bag!  We can’t possibly fit all of the baby stuff in the car in one go and now I understand the need for a minivan!  I still refuse to give in and trade in our sedan for a soccer mom mobile.  I think the next car will be a Land Rover, Range Rover, or an M6 (yes please).

At 34 weeks I am pretty happy with the way things are going.  So far there are no stretch marks to speak of and everyone says how small I look – although I still don’t believe them even though they threaten to punch me in the face.  They know I will just punch them back – harder.

Unfortunately, I ripped my favourite (and only) pair of maternity jeans 2 weeks ago and had to finally go buy some jogging pants.  I may NEVER take them off.  I’m measuring right on schedule at 33cm so here’s hoping this baby is a reasonable size.  Hopefully he got the memo about coming out no later than his due date and within 3 hours of rushes starting 😉