We Must Be Crazy.

With a baby on the way in January, you would think that we already had enough on our plates.  But then we had to go and buy a house outside of the city that needs a little love and care and sell our loft.  It turns out the buying and the selling were the easy parts.  Now we’re moving 2 weeks before the baby is due and starting 3-4 weeks of renovations on the floors, walls, kitchen, and bathroom!

I am starting to panic.  Not only will we be living with my mother-in-law while the renovations are going on, but we’ll be living with her over the baby’s due date!  We’re losing our midwives and our planned home birth and transferring to an area where they don’t allow midwives in the hospital.  I have absolutely no idea how it’s all going to pan out.  Best-case-scenario: Transfer to new midwives and renovations are complete by the time baby comes.  Otherwise, transfer to new midwives and have home birth at mother-in-law’s house.  Eek.  The whole point of a home birth was so that I could RELAX in my own environment…right.


5 weeks pregnant

The baby stretched himself out this morning and found my ribs for the first time.  It’s surprising to be woken up in the morning by a quick shot to the ribs, especially when you are alone in bed, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re nearly 28 weeks along in this journey.

For everyone who has been bugging me for a photo, here it is!  I can’t believe this was me just FIVE months ago.  These days I can’t even fit into my ginormous Canada Goose jacket!

I don’t know how I am going to survive a Canadian winter, but I refuse to spend $500 on a winter maternity jacket!  Although, I discovered that I can wear my ski jacket lining under my fall maternity jacket, obviously without doing it up, so I might be okay – just a little puffy-looking.

28 weeks pregnant

Tomorrow I’ll be 28 weeks, with 12 more to go.  It should be interesting to see how big I get considering I have zero motivation to work out and that I feel larger than life already.  I know I should be lifting weights and getting some sort of cardio, but taking the dogs for a walk is going to have to do.  I may just regret that decision in 12 weeks’ time, but I’ll have no choice but to deal with the consequences at that point!  All I know is that I am heading to hot yoga the first chance I get!