The Greatest Health Tragedy: “I feel fine.”

Today I have been thinking a lot about health, and I have come to the realization that there is nothing more detrimental to our health than feeling pretty good.  My diet is pretty good, but it can could certainly be better.  I feel good, but I could feel betterThe problem with having no major health concerns is that you can get away with eating processed foods because you feel fine. Sooner or later, your diet will catch up with you.

I was raised eating crap.  It’s not my parent’s fault.  I’m not blaming them. I’m not blaming anyone.  They didn’t know any different.  Blame never solved anything and it never will.  If you blame anyone for anything, do yourself a favour and just let it go. Your parents may have been responsible for you once upon a time, but at some point the torch gets passed.  The responsibility and the blame become yours.  You and I are 100% responsible for our health.

Why do we not value our health as we should? Why is it that we’ll only pay attention to what we put in our mouths when we’re ill?  Assuming we are fortunate enough to realize that what we put in our mouths affects our health.  Some people go through chemo while eating a highly processed diet (hell, they serve Jell-o in hospitals!  WTF?) and end up in the grave without ever being told that what they eat matters.  It matters a whole lot.  You are what you eat.  Everyone has heard the saying but they don’t know it. You are what you eat.  Read it, absorb it, know it, and abide by it damn it.

It’s really hard to get around food marketing and the impact it has on us.  Companies spend billions of dollars finding out how to get us to buy their crappy dead foods.  The food industry is hunting us.  If food conglomerates were vampires, we’d be the weak humans who get glamored and eaten alive. But what good is a car, a house, a closet full of clothes, or a family when we’re gone? Fight the food corporations. Eat your fruit and veggies.

The more I think about it, the less I want to feel pretty good and the more I want to feel amazing.  So although I am feeling pretty good having the occasional coffee and treat added to my otherwise healthy diet, I want to perform these behaviours less and less because I want my excellent health to continue as I age.  I don’t want to hit a wall – ever.

As the year ends and I make my resolution for the next, I’ve decided to take even more responsibility for my health. I’m not going to wait for the new year.  I’ve already started.  I started to improve my health 3 years ago, so why stop where I am?  There is always room for improvement.  It’s very simple.  Improve your health one decision at a time. My latest healthy decision occurred just a few days ago when I bought tons of loose-leaf organic tea.  No more coffee in the house.

What’s your next healthy decision going to be?

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