Has it really been 5 years?

Today marks my 5th anniversary with my boyfriend.  I remembered.  He forgot. And up until tonight, I thought that scenario only happened on TV.  But the night that started out with tears of disappointment streaming down my face ended in smiles for both of us.

He canceled his clients and insisted that we go out for dinner.   After calling 3 places, all booked, we settled on Café la Gaffe on Baldwin.  I ordered a bottle of gewurztraminer, partly because I love it, and partly because of the way it would hasten my forgiveness of his forgetfulness. The food was fabulous, and the company proved to be just what we both had needed – time alone, together.

You would think that living together would give us ample time to just be together, but throw into the equation two mini dachshunds under the age of 2, one home business, multiple webpages, one part-time job, and 2 completely different tastes in music, and you’ve got your work cut out for you!

With our trip to Paris now 2 weeks behind us, the rush of home life suddenly slapped me in the face.  But that’s why Paris was so good for us.  It’s important to slow down once and awhile. It certainly gave me some time to think about where I’m going.  I want to slow down.  I want to try the country life once again – this time in France.  At least part time.  Maybe springtime in France?  The thought leaves me wondering where the next 5 years will take us.

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