Yammy Meets Her Healer.

Today we went to a spiritual healer.  It was one of the most amazing things I have experienced in my healing journey. My mom has been talking about Nicole and Mel for months now.  And since we were coming for a visit, she was eager for us to experience their gifts.  

I started the morning with my first ionic foot detox, and it was brilliant.  The specific machine that Nicole was using needed to tap into my energy in order for it to work.  She put the band on my wrist, and right away I felt the energy.  In fact, I have a little mark where the energetic contact was made…it looks like a little red rash.  My feet tingled from start to finish.  When it was done, she washed my feet of the sewage water and gave me a little massage using clay and oils that left my feet feeling so soft!  She told Mel to look out for the lymphatic and digestive systems when he did energy work on me.

This is where things got really interesting.  Mel, who I think may have been put on earth simply to save my life, is a spiritual healer who has the most incredible gift that I have ever personally experienced.  He started the session by explaining that each human being has a physical body and an etheric body, which is like a mirror image of the physical body, only made of energy.  From what I understand – all our life experiences occur in the physical and etheric bodies and are manifested in the physical body as uncomfort and disease when there is a blockage.  Healing must occur at the etheric level of energy to restore physical health and balance.

Now, I knew I was not in balance, but I had no idea what was “off”.  When Mel started working on me, I felt an immediate sense of relief.  The connection between him and my right hand was stronger than the left, and when he placed his hands over my ovaries, the feeling on the right was strong, while the left was weak.  He asked me why I thought the left was stronger, and I replied – “because it’s the male side”.  I didn’t even know I knew that, but it made sense to me…guess I have a big ego that needs to be put in place?  Mel told me he had a feeling that the energy in my left side had been blocked for a long time – even since puberty. Makes sense – I’ve been feeling off for a long time. 

He spinned my left ovary to be in tune with the right, and I immediately felt a familiar pain in my left side.  I always thought it was my hip joint, but now I know it was imbalance in my etheric body manifesting in my physical body.  Then the pain gave way.  That was such an amazing moment.  All of a sudden I felt open and warm on the left side.  It was like a balloon inflated inside my left ovary!

Then he moved onto my digestive system, removing blockages, and opening up the energy field so much that my digestive system feels like it’s working properly for the first time in 13 years.

Next he built a bridge from my solar plexus to a place where creativity lives (often omitted from the 7 chakra system, but is between the solar plexus and the heart….I am not entirely clear on this)  I felt the bridge very stong on my left side.  This is also when we said that there is a lot more Amy trying to get out of me.  Yay!  I can’t wait to meet her.

Mel briefly went to the throat chakra where I nearly started to cry.  But he felt I wasn’t ready for that and left that can of worms inside for the time being.  I was relieved but highly intrigued by my emotional response.

I am so happy that Mel and Nicole came into my life.  I am really excited about seeing them again and I want to thank them for their brilliant energy work!

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