Need or Want?

Ask yourself this question any time you reach for your wallet.  Is this something I need, or something I want? I almost always find the answer is something I want.  In just the past 2 weeks alone, I must have saved myself close to $200 dollars by asking that simple question!  In fact, here’s just a few days’ worth of expenses and near expenses:

Starbucks: want – saved $5

Thai food: want – saved $35

Movie rental: want (the bachelorette is on anyway) – saved – $5

Breakfast at the local hangout: want – saved $25

Papaya: need – spent $4

Chocolate: want…need…caved  – spent $5

Gas: need – spent $48

What I find the most interesting is that most of my purchases revolve around food and social outings!  I have a friend who has been tracking everything that she spends and earns since January.  What a fantastic idea! It’s amazing to see where your hard-earned cash is going, and seeing the trail makes it less likely that you’ll keep spending so nonchalantly.  I’ve virtually stopped going to Starbucks, and we’re eating most of our meals at home.

I feel all grown-up.