126 More Days.

There are only 126 more days; 18 weeks; or 4 months until this little baby is due.  Any way you look at it, there’s not a lot of time left!  And with time slowly closing in on the date, there is much to do!

And with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am reminded of all the things that I am thankful for.  First of all, I am thankful that I am retiring from the world of waitressing in exactly 17 more days. Given, I’ve only been working 1-2 times a week, so I have already checked out for all intents and purposes.  There is nothing quite as relaxing as the care-free nature of checking out early.  I think it even makes me a better waitress.  You can yell at me just because you’re in a bad mood (and believe me, some people do) and I won’t give a shit.  So go ahead and try me.

Secondly, I am thankful that I will get to stay at home with our kids and raise them to be little mindful free-thinkers.  They won’t be babysat by someone’s television like I can remember, nor will they be chased around a basement and spanked for being too noisy during nap time. What was the point of relegating us to the basement if we couldn’t do anything whilst there? I am thankful that they won’t have memories of the babysitter scolding them for chewing the chicken in their chicken noodle soup. “You don’t need to chew the chicken.  Just swallow it!”  Are you kidding?  I was only 6 and I knew this woman was a wacko!  Please kids, chew your chicken.

Thirdly, I am thankful for pumpkin pie.  If you are a pie of the pumpkin variety and you get within eating distance of me, you should be afraid – very afraid.  The whipped cream is waiting, my friend.  So please, do stop by for a bite to eat.

After the pie, I am thankful that I have a boyfriend slash husband who values the same things I do in life. To be honest, he wouldn’t be my boyfriend slash husband if he didn’t!  We both want to escape the city and raise our kids somewhere where the air is clean, the lake is close, and the community is tight.  We’ll carry the kayaks to the water in the summer, and cross country ski and skate in the winter.  We’ll have a yard where we can grow a garden and the kids and dogs can play, and a driveway worthy of some good, competitive street hockey.

And although there are many more things I am grateful for, such as puppies, flip flops, Dexter’s return this weekend, maternity pants, and green juice, if I listed them all, you’d have to read a novel.  So, go bake yourself a pie, top it with real whipped cream, and think about all the things that make life grand!