Where Did I Come From?

I had a conversation with Oscar walking home from school the other day. It wasn’t your typical conversation with a 7 year old. It was a conversation I wish the world could hear, because so many people don’t know it. But Oscar does, and so do his 4 and 5 year old brothers.

What is it? What do they know? Hang onto your hats, folks, because this may be news to some of you. They know that they created themselves.

And they know that their spirit self (AKA Higher Self or Inner Being) who gave them life is guiding them every second of every day, because they are one. They know that it was their intention to be here in this human life with these parents and these siblings. Women are inter-dimensional vessels of creation – but they don’t know the details yet 😉

They know it was their intention to create their physical bodies and they know they are still creating from within them. What they have yet to learn, and what most of us have yet to learn, is to create with intention; to create from centred energy rather than let the dense energy of fear and reaction have its way with us.

As their mother, it is my intention to remind them of these things often, and to hold the space for them to fully understand these truths. I will hold the space for them to know they can be, do, and have anything they desire, and that having a desire in and of itself means they have found a path worth taking.

Let me put this into practical terms. When teaching a child to ride a bike, you know without a doubt that they can do it. You know intuitively how much help to give. You know when to let go of the bike, and when to hold on tight. You know when to intervene, and you know when to let them try all by themselves. You know it’s a done deal. You can see it, and yet they whine, protest, and give up a few times. But your knowing will prevail, because the energy you hold is steady, strong, and high vibrational.

That’s exactly what our higher selves do for us. They give us support 24/7. They whisper in our ear. They tell us to turn right, to take this short cut, to go for a run, and to grab a drink of water. They love us unconditionally – with detached compassion, knowing that we’ll get the hang of this human thing eventually. And whether we do or don’t, they love us all the same. If you miss the boat this time, they’ll send another one. Or you’ll die missing all of the boats and come back to Earth to do it all again. “Let’s do it again. It’ll be fun” you’ll say. And you’ll do it again. And deep down you will remember. And this time, you’ll catch that boat. And all of it is really, really perfect.

You are perfect, right now, wherever you are. Whether you’re in the dark or full of light. Whether you’re angry, or sad, or happier than you’ve ever been in your life. It’s all perfect. You are exactly where you are meant to be, and you’re learning exactly what you need to learn.

We are all children in this school of life. We never get it done, and we never truly get it wrong because of it! We’re in a perpetual state of change. There are bumps and bruises, and celebrations of life and death. But most of all, there is love all around. God is in all things. There are unanswered prayers on the surface. Underneath the surface are prayers that have been answered in the most perfect of ways – in the most unimaginably perfect of ways. A miscarriage turns into the most perfect of pregnancies at a later date. A lost job turns into the job of your dreams. A failed relationship turns into you meeting the love of your life. Whatever happens, it’s all happening for you because you have the greatest of guides who knows your deepest desires – You.

My kids know that they create their own reality. They know that happiness is a choice. Well, they may not know it yet, but the seeds have been planted. They know that tantrums are a choice, too. And they know that mommy and daddy choose to have tantrums sometimes! And though life is not always perfect, it actually is. It’s perfect.

We’re all learning in this school of life, so let’s do it together. Hug it out often. Forgive daily. And know that whatever the question, LOVE is always, always the answer. Some things actually never do change – that’s how you know it’s the truth.