The Power of Perception and Beliefs

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality, and what you see in your physical environment confirms your beliefs. Do you understand this? YOU create what’s REAL, and then you think your beliefs are accurate because you SEE what you BELIEVE in front of you!

If you don’t like what you see or what you experience in your daily life, it’s not others who need to change – it’s YOU.

The reality someone swears up and down is real is real – to them. Another’s so-called reality has nothing to do with your own. Similarities depend on shared beliefs, but your overall experience of reality is yours alone. Every thought and every belief, whether you agree or not, is a choice. While our parents and elders gave us the building blocks of our beliefs, as you get older you tend to realize that you are free to choose what to believe. When you know this, you are free.

If you believe people are unkind, you will experience it daily. If you believe people are bad drivers, this will be your experience every time you get in your car. If you believe people are kind, strangers will undoubtedly go out of their way to help you. If you believe everything is always working out for you, you won’t be phased by any perceived setbacks because eyes will be focused on the silver lining.

So the saying that goes “I’ll believe it when I see it” is actually “I see it because I believe it”.

You can believe that the devil is real, or that a modern age demon Jesus is running rampant in society, while others who don’t hold these beliefs will remain untouched by these low vibrational worries. Sure, the devil exists, but only in the realities of those who believe he does. Do you think you have proof that the Devil is real? You might, but you made that up too. This is why you can argue both sides of a belief. If you focus on anything, you’ll find it.

This is why denial is so powerful. Our beliefs can keep us in denial over something that may be completely obvious to an outsider. It’s so easy to see other people’s hang ups because you don’t have their unique belief system or the investment in their story.

Perception is such a fun topic. The same event can happen to multiple people and their reactions will be completely different.

One person can internalize an event and believe they are a bad person because something happened to them. Another knows that everything is always working out for them even in the midst of chaos. This person knows that something better is coming about. Yet another can take the event personally and believe whatever occurred was done to deliberately harm them. One person can lose their cool in a crisis and freeze. Another loses their cool in a bout of angry outrage, and yet another calmly takes control!

What causes the different reactions? Differing realities based on different beliefs, different thought processes, and different life experiences. Every action and reaction are split second choices made based on your beliefs, habits, and experiences. Does a “common reality” actually exist? I believe that it does, but that most humans can’t see it. Most humans see a reality completely clouded by their beliefs.

Those who have begun to raise their vibration may more easily see how different beliefs lead to different reactions. The more in tune with spirit you are; the more in tune with your higher self you are, the more you know that reality is subjective and entirely based on the mindset of the perceiver. Once you understand that everyone is creating their own version of reality, the easier it is to co-exist with them!

This has a much deeper meaning than you may realize. You create your own reality – Every aspect of it. This means that you create your own versions of other people as well. The spouse that you think you know so well doesn’t really exist in the way you think he/she does. We are all learning and expanding consciously in every moment of every day. The only constant is change. If you think you know anyone, you don’t. What you do know is the version of them that exists in your mind. And their behaviour can change as easily as your thoughts do about them.

This is why it is so important to think kindly of others. Even the seemingly most ruthless of humans is an extension of Source. If you think anyone is apart from Source, you are holding them outside of the light and that can never be so.

Action Steps: Choose someone that you don’t like; someone that pushes your buttons whenever you think of them, and move them into the light in your mind.

Give them the benefit of the doubt. Focus on what you like about them. Forgive them for whatever transpired and let whatever happened in the past not move a moment further into the present moment. There is no sense bringing the past into the future. Decisions were made at the level of consciousness that was attained at that point in your perspective journeys, and none of that matters now. What matters now is letting go and moving on, and seeing the aspect of the Divine that is within them.

You don’t need to become friends with this person. There is no need to contact them, or to be in their presence. All you are doing in this exercise is seeing them as Source sees them: with love. See them with love, take a few deep breaths, and see anything that is not loving leave your mind and your body. Take as many breaths as it takes to feel the release and to know that all are worthy of love.

And now the fun really begins. When any unloving thoughts arise, remind yourself that everyone is an extension of Source energy and that you will see them with the eyes of Source: with love. Pay attention to your thoughts about this person but don’t be invested in the outcome. Choose better thoughts and let go. Then if you happen to see this person in the future, take note of how the interaction goes! If you are doing the work, your experience will change for the better. It is law!