It’s a Coffee Kind of Morning.

Sometimes all I want is a coffee.  Even when pregnant. No – especially when pregnant.  It seems the third trimester has brought with it the feelings of queasiness in the morning that I thought I was rid of and the only thing I felt like having this morning was coffee.

So, now I’m sitting in our favourite coffee shop sipping a delicious decaf soy latte.  Mmm.  It’s hitting the spot like nothing else.  Water makes me want to throw up, and so does food.  Coffee seems to be the buffer this morning that keeps everything else down!  And while I never thought I would ever drink coffee while pregnant, I guess you really never can say never until you’ve experienced something for yourself.

So, I’m a hypocrite.  I’ll admit it.  At least it’s decaf: Swiss water decaf.  Only the best for my baby 🙂 Ha.

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