How can I release the grief from life’s losses that I am holding in my body?

We are Eternal beings, and death is one of the great misunderstandings of man. Since no one ever really dies, the only thing holding you in this place of grief are your thoughts/beliefs about death. Your loved ones who have transitioned have released all resistance they had while they were Earth bound. This means that any petty grievances and beliefs disappeared the moment their soul left their physical body. All that remains is pure love, which is the only thing that was ever real to begin with.

Once you stop looking for your loved ones where they were (their physical bodies) and start looking for them where they are (the non-physical “realm” right where you are) you will be able to tap into the essence of them and let all of the love they have for you come rushing in. Any time you are thinking of them, rest assured that they are with you. When a smell reminds  you of them, it is because you heard their call from non-physical! The more you can open up and play with them, the more you will notice them around you, and the more fun you will continue to have!

I play with my Gram often. She visited me while on the cruise ship last week and we had a conversation about how absolutely amazing it is that I have found this tribe of people that I love and appreciate so much! She was far from these beliefs when she was alive and I can feel her excitement for the things I know at such a young age. I then asked who else was coming to say hello and my 8th grade teacher came forward. It’s not normal of me to think of my 8th grade teacher, and that’s why it was so easy for me to trust and know he was near. He and I had an amazing connection from the time we met, and after he passed away he came to me in a dream. When these things happen, trust it. Trust in what comes to you. You’re not making it up. It’s all real.

I can tell that you are ready to let go of all you have been holding on to. You’ve got this. Trust. This is where intention comes in. Set the intention to accept the situation for what it is. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be. Accept that although you no longer have a physical relationship with this person, your relationship is far from over. Actually, I find my relationships deepen when loved ones pass because they stop pushing against me and only their love remains. All other perspectives fall away and they become pure positive energy. This makes it very easy to tap into them when you’re vibrationally near their current state.

The easiest way for me to open my heart has been to sit quietly in meditation with the intention to feel for the love that is shining down on me. Focus on your heart chakra and grow the energy outward. Breathe slowly and deeply, letting go of physical and mental resistance with each breathe. Feel your body soften. Feel your mind let go. Invite a feeling of ease and freedom.

As soon as you forgive yourself for whatever transpired before they passed, and start to let yourself be truly happy, everything you have perpetuated through unkind thoughts toward yourself will shift. When you use the present moment to think unkind thoughts about a past version of you, you’re not letting the whole of who you currently are flow through. You’re blocking a lot of really good stuff from coming in, and that’s why it feels so bad.

The non-physical you knows who you really are and loves you unconditionally. When you think a thought that is in opposition to this universal truth, you’re going to feel bad. You simply can not think a thought that is in opposition to what your inner being knows and feel good about it. So when you catch yourself in a thought that feels terrible, ask yourself what your inner being must be thinking!

Tell your inner being that you are open to their perspective. Be open to the thoughts that pop into your head. If you’re having trouble with this, distraction helps. Go do something fun! Do anything that brings some joy to your heart. Go for a run, walk, grab a cup of coffee with a (happy) friend, read a book, watch a movie, or listen to Despacito and dance around your kitchen like no one’s watching!

I am so excited for you to open up more completely to the world of spirit because I know what a fulfilling relationship awaits you and it’s always only a thought away <3