Are you Playing a Role? How to Recognize the Ego.

Do you ever catch yourself doing something because you are so caught up in situational social norms? How dedicated are you to playing the role of mother, father, adult, businessman, police officer, hockey ref, Doctor, etc? Do you even realize that you act differently in different social situations? Life is supposed to be fun! Stop taking yourself so seriously all the time.

There is no problem with having a role to play, but when you get so entrenched in a position that you forget WE ARE ALL ONE, the ego is in control. The human race is full of superiority and inferiority because of our human-ness. But if we can take a step back and honour the spirit within; if we can be present for each other and really see each other, we would loosen the hold the ego has on us and come home to the realization that we are all one. We are all equal. We are worthy. Money doesn’t make you worthy. It’s not about knowing more than someone else. It’s about kindness, and compassion, and support. It’s about love.


When you take anything personally, you know you are in the hold of the ego. When you take life so seriously that it stops being fun, you know you are in the hold of the ego. Any time you feel superior or inferior, you are letting your ego run the show. Ego isn’t all about feeling important. It is in control when you feel like you don’t matter; when you feel people aren’t listening to you; when you feel like you could die and no one would care. The ego is a victim. It likes playing the role of victim and it likes taking advantage of others to make itself feel better or worse.

OK, OK, I GET IT. What can I do about it? You can shine a light on it. Stop doing, and reacting, and simply be present. Any time you recognize that you are playing a game, entrenched in a position, or acting in a certain way without really wanting to, you are taking yourself out of the game. When you start to see the different roles that you play, you are weakening the ego, moving away from collective unconsciousness and becoming a conscious creator.

When you can step away and be who you really are in that moment without the moment dictating what you do; without caring what others think, you are free. When you can be loving and kind when someone blatantly thinks you are a pushover and not care in the least, you are free. When you stop yelling and trying control the situation, and let the situation just be neutral, you are free. When you can be aware of your thinking pattern and know that your thoughts are not who you really are, you are free. You are free when you can have a mean judgemental thought about someone and just laugh at it, because you know one ridiculous thought does not equal who you are!

The thoughts that whiz by in your head all day long are not who you really are. You are the consciousness behind the thoughts. Don’t take your thoughts seriously. Don’t think you are a bad person because you have bad thoughts. We all have egos. We all compare ourselves to others at some time or another, but it’s not who we are! And when you equate yourself to your thoughts, you are not giving your beautiful spirit enough credit. Recognize those thoughts as the ego within, the scared little part of your human-ness that needs to feel special and needs to feel important, and recognize that you are much much more.

Being human is hard work! You are doing a fantastic job! And as you become more aware, you will do even better. The best is yet to come.