Guidance is Everywhere. Listen.

I took my 3 young boys to the the dentist today, taking a bullet that I didn’t want to take because sometimes I have to be something we call an “adult”. I don’t feel like an adult. Does anyone? Every few weeks I have a moment where I think “how do I have 3 kids?!” One day you have no kids and the next you’re entire world is upside down and ruled by a 7lb scream machine. There’s no test. There should be a test!

When I went to the school to pick up my 2 oldest for lunch before the dentist, I had a quick chat with another mother. A mother that I actually met at an airport in Barbados I might add. We ended up renting in the same condo building down there. Then a few days after we returned home, I saw her walking down my street. Apparently we never had the “where are you from?” conversation. The Universe amazes me with its little games every single day.

She told me that she’s been picking up her kids for lunch for years. And I told her that this is the second time I’ve ever done it. I have no problem telling my children that they’re going to eat lunch in the school cafeteria with the rest of the kids. It’s good for me, and what’s good for me is good for them. If I had to pick them up every single day I would be a mess! No just no. Not happening.

She told me that when it gets cold it’s really hard to have to pick them up for lunch. So I suggested that when it gets cold she should tell them that it’s time for them to stay for lunch. I wanted to open up the space for her to make her own decision, but let her know that if it’s making her unhappy in any way, she should allow herself the freedom to do what feels better. Something prompted me to sit beside her. Spirit is always guiding us. I was her flashing red light of guidance with a message she was ready to hear. But, we have to take action on our guidance. I say what I feel inspired to say, and I don’t take it personally when people don’t hear what I say, but the pull to sit beside her was so strong and the conversation guided itself. Pure inspiration: in spirit.


Leaving my kids at school for lunch time gives them time to play, and me and extra hour and a half of work each day. They play outside for 30 minutes before they eat. If I picked them up they’d miss out on valuable exercise and fun! Also, it makes the times I DO pick them up extra special. The last time I picked up Oscar for lunch, we went on a little date to the French Restaurant behind our house. He was so excited, and so was I. It was valuable 1 on 1 time that we rarely get and I’m excited to do it again 🙂

Talking with this mother for a few minutes made me reevaluate my entire life. Is it making you reevaluate your own? Is there anything you’re doing now that you don’t want to do? Is there any way to shift the responsibility in any way to give yourself more freedom and relief? I even called my Cable/Internet provider and changed my plan to save me $45 a month because I don’t want to pay for a phone line we don’t use and channels we don’t watch. That’s $540 a year!

If there is anything that has been on your mind lately that you want to change, do it now. It’s so much less painful when you listen to your guidance and follow through with action than if you let it eat away at your soul for the next weeks, months, and years. Just as I wrote that, I got the feeling that I need to go to the dentist. That is my guidance system chiming in with something that needs to be done. I’ve been saying for way too long that I need to go, so in the spirit of this message (and the honouring of spirit’s message) I will take my own advice and make an appointment tomorrow!

What thoughts and feelings are popping into your head? What do you need to change? What needs completion? What “adulting” have you been putting off? Listen to those thoughts and feelings, that guidance, and TAKE ACTION!


Oscar is One Month Old!

Our little Oscar Ducky is growing like a weed.  I don’t know what he weighs, but I’m betting he’s at least in the 90th percentile.  He’s a pig.  He even makes little piggy noises when he’s hungry.  He makes horse noises when he wakes up from a nap, and the cutest “eh, eh, eh, eh” when he needs to be burped.  I love it!  As a side note, when he’s fussy his name is Dragon, not Ducky.

What I don’t love is his gas.  It makes him miserable and us miserable.  No matter what I do, he ends up with gas pains.  In hopes to make things better for him, I have removed as many allergens from my diet as possible.  That means no dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, corn, coffee, etc.  It’s not really that hard.  I just have to think a little harder when I’m meal planning.  Actually, it’s been fun, and I’ve been eating healthier than ever before! I do confess to some soy lattes here and there. Bad I know, but I try to make my slip ups to a minimum.  Things have definitely gotten better.

The worst of it is that he has terrible gas pains that hit during the night.  EVERY NIGHT.  Like clockwork, around 4am, he starts trying to fart and poop and it lasts about 4 hours.  So that means I get about 3-4 hours of sleep and it’s starting to catch up to me!  Hopefully the allergen-free eating pays off and we’ll have the happiest baby on the block in a few weeks!  Still have to read that book…

To celebrate Oscar’s first month, here are some photo favourites:

I have no idea what he found so interesting here, but his eyes went wide like this for a very long time!  He was hypnotized.  The funny thing is, the only thing behind me was a blank wall!

Here’s a great shot of my little baby, and I think he looks a lot older than his 2 1/2 weeks!

This next picture is one of my absolute favourites.  I think the car seat straps were a little too tight for a few days, and every time we put him in the car seat he would scream.  This picture was taken just moments after a scream fest, and his expression says “You are not my favourite person right now!” (Make sure you say that line in the voice of Salma Hayek a la Fools Rush In.)


Last night Oscar and I had a pretty good snuggle going .  It was mostly because if I put him down he would cry incessantly like I placed him in burning volcanic lava – but also because he’s just so damn cute you want to snuggle with him anyway 🙂