How Do I Enjoy My Own Positivity Without Getting Weighed Down By My Parter’s Negativity?

You actually started answering your own question within the rest of your question! Appreciation will get you a long way with respect to this issue. Appreciate the good father that he is. Appreciate the great man he is and the wonderful things he does. When he is stressing and worrying, gently point out the other side of the coin, yet know when it’s time to understand and not explain anything at all. A lot of couples get caught up in thoughts about what they don’t like about their spouses, and nothing good will ever come of that. You’ve got to appreciate what you love about them and find some lighthearted joy along the way, tending to your own vibration as need be. Daydream about what your perfect relationship looks like and ignore the rest.

It is ok to let yourself be happy while someone right next to you is freaking out. A lot of the time we dim our light because we think it will make someone else feel better, but all it does is make us feel terrible and doesn’t help the situation at all anyway. When someone close to you is disconnected from who they really are, stop paying attention to their current behaviour. Instead, go inward and make the connection to your inner being. Feel what your inner being is feeling and follow the guidance you receive. You will either know what to say or know what to do in that moment. Just follow your intuition whether it makes sense to you or not!

You probably have learned to do this already with your kids! You ignore their tantrums and hold the space for them to return to the angelic beings you know they really are. Do the same thing with your husband. If you let him go on and on complaining about something, you’re enabling this behaviour and it will continue. When you find the connection to your inner being, you are connected to the Source of your guidance. If you need a moment to yourself, take it. At least you can explain the reason you are pulling away; you can have an intelligent conversation with your partner that you are usually unable to have with your kids!

My partner and I agree to call each other out on our bullshit.  It doesn’t mean it’s always well received, but we agree to it and we learn from it.  You can also energetically move the energy around any issue by thinking better feeling thoughts with regard to them such as “I love when my partner tells me about the good parts of his day. I love hearing about all of the things that excite him. I love knowing that no matter how bad his day is, he brings the best of himself home to his family. I love how he can make me laugh, etc.” In time you will get better and better with regard to controlling your thoughts.

If you can control your thoughts with respect to your partner for even the smallest amount of time, you will see change. Do your best to tailor your thoughts to something that is already true for you or else it’s not going to help you because you will know deep down it is a lie. Fake it until you make it just doesn’t work for me. Being true to my heart always does.

Use Distance as a Tool

Put some distance between you and him whenever you feel the need. Your intuition will let you know because you’ll have this nagging pit in your stomach that tells you to remove yourself from an uncomfortable situation. Listen to this feeling and let yourself go!

Meditate, take a shower or bath, or go for a run. Listen to your favourite song really, really loud and dance around the kitchen with headphones on. I can’t tell you how many times going for a run has saved my sanity. Run/walk, whatever. Get some fresh air and clear your mind. It’s as easy as saying “Honey, do you mind if I go for a run?” Done. Answers come to me so easily while I am running. I will know what to say to my partner about a certain issue, or I will know how to deal with a certain issue with my kids, or I’ll get the idea to do something I’d never even considered before which solves a problem I didn’t know I even had. It’s incredible what guidance comes when you make t a priority to listen!

Lead By Example.

In time, your partner will see how calm you are and may start doing the same. He would benefit from a hobby he loves that feeds his spirit. I use the example of running because it’s what I love to do to clear my mind. If he can find something that clears his mind, it will do him (and you) a world of good. Because, if you aren’t doing something to bring yourself into alignment with who you really are, you’re grasping at straws and won’t have anything to give anyone else anyway. When you’re not in alignment, worry, fear, and anxiety easily take hold. When you’re in alignment, worry, fear, and anxiety don’t even exist. Love always prevails in the state of alignment.

There is no need to think about your problems when you run/exercise. Just clear your head and listen for your guidance. Your guides know more about you than you do. They also know the shortcut to everything you have ever asked for. I’m not entirely sure we need to think about anything ever again. Just ask to find solutions and listen for the answers to come. Expect them to come.

When you wake up in the morning, before you mentally jump into your to-do list, just lay there and listen for the answers to come. If you are working on your receptivity to your guidance, the fuzzy area between the awake and sleep states is a great time to allow this clarity to wash over you.

Perception is Tricky

We often create problems in our own minds that have no basis in reality. Communication is the key. Have a problem in your relationship? Talk about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. If it’s dragging you down, it’s worth getting it out in the open. When issues have roots, you’ve got to address them. Just find your alignment and then raise the issue with your partner when you are in a good feeling place about it.

I know a lot of spiritual teachers will tell you to stop looking at a problem and focus on the solution, which is valid for sure, but sometimes you just can’t get your mind off something and not talking about it ends up hurting the relationship. I have had much quicker success in my own life by addressing my issues with honesty and the knowing I have in my heart. It has made my parter and I closer than I ever thought possible.

Go with your own personal guidance in this area. No matter what anyone says, its always best to go with your intuition. What’s best for me may not me best for you. Some issues I can ignore and they work themselves out, while others just keep coming back around. If they keep coming back, it may be time to talk about them.

Permission to Thrive

You need to give yourself permission to thrive no matter what. If it means your partner stays where he is and you outgrow him, so be it. You have to follow your truth and you can’t expect everyone to come with you. I don’t think we are meant to have the same partner for life. I think the right partners come in at the right time. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have the same partner for life, but it means that you have to accept that you will have periods of exponential growth that occur at different times. A friend told me that the trick to staying together long-term is “we never fell out of love with each other at the same time.”

Connect to your inner being. Follow your heart. Speak your truth. Take care of yourself. Know that everything is always working out for you. And look for the evidence of it all day, every day.

xo Amy


Is Your Story Serving You?

My story is inspiring. It’s incredible. And yet as inspiring and uplifting as my story is, it never feels good to talk about it. To be completely honest, looking back at it in any capacity at all doesn’t feel good!

As amazing as your story may be, looking back at it brings the past into the present moment. As uplifting as the message is, bringing any pain into the present moment just doesn’t feel good. When you claim the past in the present, you are muddying up the perfection that is now. It feels so good to be in the now, where anything and everything is possible.

When you breathe deeply and claim “I am here now in the present moment,” you open space in your physical body to flow Source energy. “I am Source in the present moment” is even more powerful. You are spirit flowing through a physical body. You cannot NOT be connected to Source. You are Source. That will never change.

Obviously, you can do as you wish. I just want you to bring your attention to how you feel when you go into detail about things that are not working in your life. How does it make you feel? Perhaps you would feel better if you focused on the solution to what is not working? Once you have felt the pain of a situation, it’s time to focus on feeling better. You know what you don’t want, so what do you want?

People are going to do what they’re going to do and there is nothing you can do to change it. But you can change your reaction to it and you can change what you think about. When I’m hurting for whatever reason, I choose to fantasize about things that I really want to feel. You can start anywhere and get a pretty good rampage of appreciation going with just a little bit of focus and the intention to feel better.

Here’s an example of my mental game when I was at the lowest point in my life:

“I know that I’m going to be happy. When I am on the other side of this, it’s going to feel really good. I am so lucky to have my boys. I am so lucky that they chose me to be their mom! They are so precious and beautiful inside and out. I love that when I hug them, I can easily connect to Source energy. I know that there is so much more for me. I love knowing that I can connect to this Source whenever I choose. I love knowing that everything is always working out for me, even though I can’t see it yet. I know that there is so much working out for me right now that I can’t see! How amazing is it to know that we are truly loved regardless of what other humans are saying and doing? I love that I can feel whole and complete all on my own. How amazing is it that I have so much to look forward to in this life? I know that I created this and I take full responsibility for myself. It is so empowering to know that I create my own reality!”

I have no idea what caused me to catapult into this knowing, but I knew. I opened up to spirit so intensely and so easily. I imagine it is because I was never that far away from it, and my desire to feel good had never been stronger in that moment of pain. I was asking, they were responding, and in my desire to feel better I let it in.

Negative thinking is just a habit, and a habit can be changed – especially when you recognize what is going on at an energetic level. If thoughts are energy, and energy is everything in this vibrational Universe, your thoughts are creating your reality. The things you say are creating your reality. The frequency you hold is creating your reality.

Each moment is a new opportunity to create a different reality from the one you are currently in. The present moment is all you have. It is the point of creation. So, what do you want to do with it? Do you want to complain? Do you want to talk about what people have done in the past to hurt you? Do you want to yell at your kids?

Or, do you want to appreciate? Do you want to love? Do you want excitement? Do you want to open your heart? Do you want to feel good? Do you want to create something new?

I want to love. I want to open my heart. I want to live my life flowing Source energy. I want to feel connected to all that is. I want to thrive. I want my sons to thrive. I want to be incredibly blissfully happy. I want to have a relationship with my partner that is full of passion. I want to tap into my inner being’s perspective and to live a life full of precious  gifts – moments that I couldn’t plan if I tried from my human perspective. I want to trust that everything is always working out for me. I want to know that everything is always really ok. I want to live life knowing that there is never any risk.

Now, if we bring all of those wants into this feeling moment, it would sound something like this:

I love loving. I love living my life with an open heart. I love feeling Source energy flow through me. I love being connected to all that is. I love thriving in this time space reality. I love that my children are thriving and that I am incredibly blissfully happy. I love that my relationship is full of passion and love. I love those moments when I am at one with my inner being’s perspective, when my heart is glowing with pure love and joy, and I love seeing the manifestations of my vibration. I trust that everything is always working out for me. I love knowing that there is no risk. I love knowing that there is nothing to fear. All is well.

xo Amy

Meditation to Calm the Emotional Body

I had an appointment with spirit a few days ago. I was nervous before the call began, but once I was in it, everything was just perfect. I was calm, open, and in tune with that which I really am.

I’ve been an emotional person for as long as I can remember. I pick up any and all energy around me and sometimes it takes me way too long to realize that what I am carrying isn’t mine. I clear myself whenever I make that connection, and then I feel like me once again. I clear and shield myself many times each day.

For instance, when I dropped my son off at his first day of kindergarten, I cried like crazy, which may seem normal, but it’s not my normal. While walking back to the house I asked Archangel Michael to clear me and I immediately stopped crying and felt like myself again. What happened is that I picked up on the collective energy that day which was probably mostly from the kids who were feeling the parental/child separation deeply.

So, when I spoke with Mel, who was channeling a reading for me with his higher self, John, he narrowed in on my emotional body immediately and how it was running away with me. I asked him why I feel so sick so often, and he said that I have been an emotional dumping ground and it’s gotten to the point where I am physically manifesting imbalance, which are hormonal issues in my case. I have only one working ovary (which John told me approx. 8 years ago) and the one that does work is rampant with male energy.

Most of my questions were given the same answer: Meditate frequently and focus on the heart centre. My homework is to picture a flower while sitting and meditating – any flower in any colour – and rhythmically breathe in new energy from Mother Earth while releasing old pent up energy. In addition to meditation, I am to focus on whole foods and eat nothing processed at all. I must also go to an energy healer and have them retune my ovaries and open the meridians on the bottom of my feet so that energy can flow through my body (I had this done 8 years ago as well and it was amazing).  I need to focus on bringing energy into my heart chakra.

This morning I pulled this ever so fitting card from my oracle deck:


You are awakening to your Inner Light an opening to new levels of spiritual understanding and awareness. Guides and teachers are working with you to assist in this awakening. Support is coming in the human form as well. Those who are knowledgeable and experienced will be there to offer their support as needed. The main color of green in this card shows that, to know our own Inner Light is to know our own Heart. Enjoy the experience, stay connected and the rest will happen naturally. – From the Path to the Soul Destiny Cards by Cheryl Lee Harnish

I have made a lot of progress over the past 2 years, and the more I commit to doing the inner work, the more open and free I become. The inner work never ends for any of us. As I learn, I teach, and through teaching, I learn. What a tremendous gift it is to live and breathe what I love to do!

He gave me a timeline of 2-3 months to fully bring my body into alignment. In this time I am focusing on meditation, studying, purifying my diet (ok, ok, after Thanksgiving…) exercise, shielding, grounding, and healing with crystals. Today I was walking around with moonstone, sunstone, and smoky quartz in my bra. Every day I choose a different combination of stones that feel right to me that morning. I am constantly asking that I be guided by spirit and I take my favourite affirmation wherever I go:

“Everything is always working out for me. My health is being restored to me now. And so it is.”

I have been using the flower meditation for 3 days now and I can report that I have been feeling a lot less sick! I am not even kidding when I say that hormonally I have been feeling like I’ve had morning sickness for 8 months!  Now whenever I feel it coming on, I have an outlet for that energy. If you are overly emotional I encourage you to give the meditation a try whenever you feel emotions coming on that you would like to release rather than relive.


oxox Amy.


The big boys helping me create a crystal grid this evening for the purpose of sending healing energy to Mother Earth.

Oh, hello juicer. Long time no juice.

green juiceI don’t have anything against juicing, but I do have something against our juicer.  You see, our juicer is a runt. Whenever I juice I get 20% juice, 80% foam.  It may look like a juicer.  It may sound like a juicer.  But I assure you, the only gears that get properly ground in the process of “juicing” are mine.  I fantasize about going  “Office Space” on my juicer every time I use it.  Instead of it creating pulp I would gladly beat it to a pulp in the middle of a field 🙂

When you avoid your juicer for as long as I have, you forget how good green juices make you feel.  Focusing on the good, I suppose any green juice is good juice, even if it comes with a heaping side of foam.  So, I’ve decided to juice in bulk.  That way I can actually get enough juice to warrant having a go at the entire operation, and I can relish the days that I don’t have to clean it!

This week I have been juicing every other day, so every other day I drink about a liter of concentrated greens: kale, swiss chard, and celery are the norm.  My skin is glowing, and I’ve acquired an edge in yoga that I haven’t had in months. I feel so good right now that I can’t believe I ever stopped juicing, so foam or no foam I’m going to juice dammit.  Maybe I’ll just drink it out of a cappuccino mug and serve up a tall non-fat green juice with extra foam and stick it to Starbucks for good.

What’s for Breakfast?

istock_berriesHave you ever seen the Nutella commercial where a woman tells us about how Nutella provides the energy her kids need?  That may be true, but the so-called energy they are getting via high amounts of sugar is really just sending their blood sugar through the roof and setting them up for some attention disorder symptoms in their first period class.

And its not only Nutella that sets you and your kids up for failure during the day.  Any commercial breakfast that contains wheat and high amounts of sugar will do the same thing – this means breakfast cereals, toast, porridge, toaster strudels, coffee, etc.

Coffee, even if it doesn’t contain any sugar at all, is one of the biggest culprits that sabotages your efforts to stay alert during the day – causing you to hit the wall.

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant which stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline, the flight or fight hormone.  Though we rarely encounter lions and other predators in the daily grind, we have not yet lost this primal instinct.  When caffeine is consumed, it causes increased blood pressure, heart rate, perspiration, muscular tension, nervousness, and irritability.  The adrenals become fatigued and hypoglycemia results, causing the body to crave sugars and get blood sugar back up.

If you drink coffee daily, your adrenals will become exhausted and unable to respond to stress.  Stress does not include outer stresses like job stress or issues with family members, but overall stress on your body which includes dietary stressors as well.  I would go as far to say that dietary stress trumps all other stress on your body as the most detrimental type of stress.

If you can drink coffee and go straight to sleep after, you have likely exhausted your adrenals for so long that they simply don’t respond anymore!  Your days are likely long and fatigued as well if this is the case.

This is why it is important to start your day with whole foods – nutrients that will nourish the body and the cells rather than throw the body out of balance.  If your body is out of balance, it’s likely working far below its operating potential!  If you’re not operating at your full potential, it’s time to look at what fuel you are putting into your engine!

Opt for fresh, raw fruits and vegetables for breakfast.  Have a salad or a bowl of fruit.  Make your own almond milk with soaked almonds, sesame seeds, and sweeten it with a banana and pour it over some cut up apples and pears.  Make a smoothie or have a green juice.  In our house we start the day with barley greens, go for a workout, and then come home for something more substantial.  I usually opt for an avocado, but lately it’s been 3 apples.  Yum!

Yammy Meets Her Healer.

Today we went to a spiritual healer.  It was one of the most amazing things I have experienced in my healing journey. My mom has been talking about Nicole and Mel for months now.  And since we were coming for a visit, she was eager for us to experience their gifts.  

I started the morning with my first ionic foot detox, and it was brilliant.  The specific machine that Nicole was using needed to tap into my energy in order for it to work.  She put the band on my wrist, and right away I felt the energy.  In fact, I have a little mark where the energetic contact was made…it looks like a little red rash.  My feet tingled from start to finish.  When it was done, she washed my feet of the sewage water and gave me a little massage using clay and oils that left my feet feeling so soft!  She told Mel to look out for the lymphatic and digestive systems when he did energy work on me.

This is where things got really interesting.  Mel, who I think may have been put on earth simply to save my life, is a spiritual healer who has the most incredible gift that I have ever personally experienced.  He started the session by explaining that each human being has a physical body and an etheric body, which is like a mirror image of the physical body, only made of energy.  From what I understand – all our life experiences occur in the physical and etheric bodies and are manifested in the physical body as uncomfort and disease when there is a blockage.  Healing must occur at the etheric level of energy to restore physical health and balance.

Now, I knew I was not in balance, but I had no idea what was “off”.  When Mel started working on me, I felt an immediate sense of relief.  The connection between him and my right hand was stronger than the left, and when he placed his hands over my ovaries, the feeling on the right was strong, while the left was weak.  He asked me why I thought the left was stronger, and I replied – “because it’s the male side”.  I didn’t even know I knew that, but it made sense to me…guess I have a big ego that needs to be put in place?  Mel told me he had a feeling that the energy in my left side had been blocked for a long time – even since puberty. Makes sense – I’ve been feeling off for a long time. 

He spinned my left ovary to be in tune with the right, and I immediately felt a familiar pain in my left side.  I always thought it was my hip joint, but now I know it was imbalance in my etheric body manifesting in my physical body.  Then the pain gave way.  That was such an amazing moment.  All of a sudden I felt open and warm on the left side.  It was like a balloon inflated inside my left ovary!

Then he moved onto my digestive system, removing blockages, and opening up the energy field so much that my digestive system feels like it’s working properly for the first time in 13 years.

Next he built a bridge from my solar plexus to a place where creativity lives (often omitted from the 7 chakra system, but is between the solar plexus and the heart….I am not entirely clear on this)  I felt the bridge very stong on my left side.  This is also when we said that there is a lot more Amy trying to get out of me.  Yay!  I can’t wait to meet her.

Mel briefly went to the throat chakra where I nearly started to cry.  But he felt I wasn’t ready for that and left that can of worms inside for the time being.  I was relieved but highly intrigued by my emotional response.

I am so happy that Mel and Nicole came into my life.  I am really excited about seeing them again and I want to thank them for their brilliant energy work!